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Just got oral herpes, how can I control this initial outbreak so it doesnt ruin my life

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I went on a business trips last week (Thursday) and got a little frisky with a stripper, only kissed her once but she gave me head. Came home not thinking too much about it, but havent really been feeling well, slight fever maybe, achie. Last night my feet started burning anf itching. I went to the bathroom and looked in thr mirror and my tongue looked crazy. A bunch of redish circles and these weird bumps underneath. I went to a 24\7 clinic and,they coupdnt definitely say it was herpes, but very likely. None of the circles have blistered yet. My mouth feel like its on fire now. He gave me 3 1g doses of the v drug and an oral rinse. I picked up some abreva too.


I have two little kids and a wife at home and i am devastated. I havent slept in 36 hours. On top of that its my sons bday today. So I,am trying to kick this initial attack as quick as i can, any advise? Also I want to prevent my kids and wife from getting it. I feel like i can manage the cols sores if i find a way thru this initial attack. How long do u think it will last? Will i get a lot of sores on my lips? Those,worry me the most due l to being visible. Thanks!

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You have much bigger things to seek advice and to work on than just treating herpes.

But to answer your question:

Rather than worry about hiding sores (which will likely turn out futile, given its your first outbreak), youre probably better choosing 1 of 2 options:

1. You hide in the bathroom for days or weeks until you heal.

2. You work on accepting that you have a common medical diagnosis, then focus on what really matters the most to you.


You made some choices and some things happened. At least you understand why and how, so very many of us were totally blindsided by this virus. The best thing you can do for yourself is be good to the people closest to you, rebuild your confidence and pride in that way, and stay focused on the future.


And it goes without saying, but the truth is fundamental to this scenario. Excuses, guilt, embarrasment, and consequences included, the truth is the better, faster, easier way. Because it's going to come up eventually, either from this scenario or from a future struggle. You have much bigger, much more impactful things to tackle than how to treat herpes.

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Your totally right, my family is the most important thing in my life and keeping them safe and happy is my #1 priority through this. I have been wearimg a mask around the kids to avoid incidental contact with any part of them.


I have no problem being truthful with my wife and praying for the best. She is my everything so i hope she will stay by me.


I see people at work with like one cold sore, but idk if i can go to work with a mouth full

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If you have to take some time off work to give yourself time to heal, do it.

Keep taking your suppression medicine, get a new prescription if you need it. Your immune system will get things under control.

Keep in mind that your biggest risk of transmission is early on, but it never really goes away. You'll have to be conscious of when you have symptoms developing in the future. But, if you simply avoid sharing drinks, you won't have to worry about them. Symptom-free a hug and a kiss on the top of the head is not out of the question.


Remember that you're still a good person, despite an error in judgement and some backlash, you are still worthy of appreciation and affection. You might have some work ahead of you to re-earn your self-respect and the trust of your loved ones, but it's not futile. While you're breaking out the old travel rewards card to get gifts and mind your Ps and Qs about being dependable to try to smooth things out and show you care, take time to appreciate yourself a little, too.

People make big mistakes. Good people accept responsibility and change their outlook on life. Not just for the people around them, but for themself, their own happiness.

You got this.

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You should talk to your doctor about maintaining a daily prescription due to your concern for spreading the virus to your children, and also to help control your symptoms. Depending upon your general health, your doctor may decide that there is reason to limit your prescription. Otherwise, they should be willing to keep you on suppression medicine if you choose to keep taking it.

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Went to the dr, they said that we can talk suppression after this first outbreak, but they gave me a 10 day supply of acyclovir 3x per day. I asked for valtrex but they said this was the same. Should I have pushed harder for something else?

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Went to the dr, they said that we can talk suppression after this first outbreak, but they gave me a 10 day supply of acyclovir 3x 400mg per day. I asked for valtrex but they said this was the same. Should I have pushed harder for something else?


Is that enough I read 5x 400mg per day is advised


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Your doctor is mostly right. The only difference between brands is potential side-effects, from what I understand.

It is absolutely possible to have both oral and genital herpes at the same time. Any mucus membrane can be effected.

Personally, I was on a total of 1000mg of valacyclovir once daily while I was in outbreak and as suppression. The dosage is based on overall health, body mass, body content, side-effects and interaction with other medication. Stick with taking medicine the way it is prescibed. If you feel like your prescription isn't doing the job, talk to your doctor. Antiviral medication like Valtrex and similar take time to build up in your body and then yet more time for your immune system to get up to speed. It's not a magic bullet, but it does work over time. Trust that your outbreak would be worse without the medication, but also that your doctor is prescribing the medicine after due consideration for potential side-effects (up to and including liver failure).

You can ask your doctor to adjust your medication, but do so understanding that there are many, many factors involved with your doctors decisions.

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