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no outbreaks

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I just found out I have HSV 2. The only reason I got tested is a man called me and said he has a sore. He was not sure what it was. I have never had an outbreak. The igG test came back at 8.0 for hsv 2 and negative for HSV 1. I thought for sure I have hsv 1 because I remember having a horrible cold sore when I was 5 or 6. I remember the doctor called it herpes. It was horrid looking and unlike any cold sore i have seen since. Could that have been my outbreak? Could I have been walking around with this for the last 40 years with it embedded in my neurons? I have had unexplained neuropathy since my 20's as well as flu like symptoms with nerve pain for the last 20 plus years. Everything else has been ruled out except a B1 deficiency.

Or, is this new, and from the man I have been with since October? Is it possible that the fact that I eat a ketogenic diet with no sugar at all or carbs be suppressing outbreaks?

Then finally, I have just gone through an amazing transformation. I have lost a bunch of weight naturally and I finally feel attractive but now this..I do not even want to show off my new look or try to date. I feel like my life is over. Tell me someone will love me eventually...

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I just found out, too. I was the same as you. Probably had it for 20 years and had no idea. Never had an initial exposure outbreak. Never infected anyone that I know of until my latest post divorce relationship (he hasn't been tested yet and I doubt he wants to see me ever again). One in 4 women have HSV2. Harvard did a study of women living in affluent suburbs and found that 36 percent had HSV2 , many did not know. I think people don't know because they never have the signs and because their primary care providers don't think to screen them because they, too, are under the impression that this is a virus acquired by "other people" not middle aged married women, such as me. I just got a small rash of blisters on my back and thought it was shingles.

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I have read a few articles about HSV2 and Rick Simpson Oil being a successful treatment. I wonder if the fact that I have been dosing with that daily for chronic pain management for the last year is why I have not had a noticeable outbreak.

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