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Newbie Here. First ORAL HSV-1 OB Here

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Hello. I am new to all this! I was just diagnosed with HSV-1 on my lips, tongue and gums. This first outbreak is crazy!! My story: 2 weeks ago I started getting a very sore throat. Not a typical sore throat like you get when you have a cold but a very severe stabbing sore throat that was on noticeable when I swallowed. Got stressed out worrying about throat cancer due to being an ex-smoker. Last week I noticed something weird going on with my lips, tongue, chin, etc. Cant really pinppint the feeling but just knew something wasn't right. As the week progressed to the 4th of July I noticed a white spot on the tight side of my lip and and the right side of my chin. Also had a sore tongue towards the the tip. On the morning of the 4th I woke up and I had several white sores outlined in red on the right side of my bottom lip, on my gum on my right side just below my tooth line and a red spot on my tongue. On Thursday morning, July 5th I went to my FP and she said it was definately HSV-1 and gave me 14 Valtrex to be taken 2/day for 7 days.


Now comes the rough part! I called mynpartner whom I live with and told him the news and the first question was who was I messin around with!? Now I can honestly say that I have NOT been with anyone since we've been together. I said the Doctor told me that it was in my system since I had measles as a child and that most people have it in their systems and that it sometimes appears during times of high stress. He didnt believe me and left for the weekend. He has come back today but haas not spoken to me. I feel abandoned and alone with all this going on with my issues of HSV-1 and have no where to go to talk, talk of my concerns or ask questions and receive something positive! I just feel scared and alone!! Is there anyone out that would be able to help me with my concerns, my questions!? The Doctor did not give much info and everyone tells me not to Google since it sometimes over-exagerrated. Please let me know!


Thank you!!

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I'm sorry no one has responded to this. First of, I'm sorry, but your boyfriend is a  bit of a dick. Instead of flipping out, maybe he should get educated. There is absolutely no reason to believe that you cheated in this instance and what the doctor told you is absolutely true. 

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