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I'm so lost and in so much pain

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I had a new sexual partner not even a week ago. We did not use a condom. Two days after having sex I had an STD screening as I always do after having a new partner. Everything checked out. The following day I had itching and discomfort so I went in to see if I had bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Both were negative. The next day I had a fever of 102.6. My doctor was worried I had PID. I had a vaginal ultrasound and everything looked good. However after all of these exams I was soooooooo irritated and inflamed. Urinating killed. Today again I woke up with fever and very swollen and weird looking labia with a bumpy like texture but no actual sores. Dr said it may be herpes. I took a blood test today but know nothing. I died from the suggestion of herpes and I'm in denial. However the pain I have now in general and especially when I urinate is unbearable. The last two times I peed I threw up from the pain. I am on an antibiotic and lidocaine but theres no relief. I'm scared, confused, sick and in so much pain.

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I'm still going through my first outbreak and it started with a sore labia and uncomfortable urination. Then it progressed to bumps under the skin (like ingrown hairs) and more pain. I definitely thought it was the end of the world when I got the call that I tested positive for herpes, but my family and friends have been very supportive.

Did your doctor take a swab test?

Hang in there.

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My first out break happened a week ago. It hurt badly to pee when it hits my sores (hsv1) I would kinda sit on the edge of the toilet and angle my body so the pee flushed down as much as possible without hitting my site and that kinda helped! Also a spray bottle while peeing really helped. It broke down the urine so it didn't burn quite as much. Also I've been using otc vagicain, and a pain relief spray. The cream helped the pain so much! Almost make it feel like im not hurting at all. The spray helps when you have crazy pain after urinating.

I hope this helps you! Lots of love 💗💗

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