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First time having herpes

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I know there are and have been many people in the situation I am now, like my sister who has herpes to. Yesterday I was told I have herpes HSV2 and my whole world is feeling like it’s falling apart. I hadn’t had sex in years and all because of one stupid night of fun I now have this for the rest of my life. I don’t know how I’m gonna get through it, i feel like so many of options now have been taken away. I just want to shut my self off to the world but even in sleep I get no relief from it I either wake up from the pain of my symptoms or I dream about that I don’t have it but then I wake up and they are still there. I called the person who gave it to me and he genuinely seemed surprised and was so sorry so I can’t even take my frustrations out on him even though I know I’m to blame as well I know I should’ve been more careful. Not trying to have myself a pity party here but it would be great to be able to get some feed back from people how to get through this stage please. 

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I am going through the same feelings.  I’ve been feeling really self conscious, embarrassed, and depressed.  There is so much stigma associated with this infection and it makes it hard.

I’ve been basically taking the time to focus on myself.  I’ve been doing pilates and yoga, and trying to drink more water.  I find meditation really helps especially at night when I am having difficulty sleeping.  I usually just go on YouTube and search for guided meditation for sleep, relaxation or healing! 

I made another post about potential natural remedies that people may have tried that they find helpful, so hopefully some people respond.

You also have your sister to talk to, and she has the virus too and has been there, which is kind of nice.  I told my sister but all she said was I should have been more careful and I’m  too afraid to tell anyone else because I feel like they won’t understand.

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Hello Lily and Shari-

  First of all, I applaud you both for being brave and reaching out to other people about what you are going through.  It is not easy, but here you will find support and understanding.  

 Please, look up the numbers and statistics on the vast amount of people who have hsv1 and hsv2.  I'm not saying that you won't have some difficult challenges to face moving forward.  However, this is really, at it's core, just a skin condition.  Disclosure to a new partner will be difficult the first time, but it gets easier.  

  Speak with your doctor, your sister, us here, any support you can find.  Get the facts about this virus.  Meditation, yoga,  anything that relaxes you is a great thing.  As for natural remedies, I've had luck taking L-lysine.  Again, talk with your doctors.

  There is a huge support group here.  Good luck, and don't forget we're here for you at all times.




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