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Had sex with herpes prodrome symptoms

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So, I recently started dating this guy. He told me pretty early on that he had HSV2. I have been extremely careful with partners and came to the table sans STDs of any kind. He informed that he contracted this when he was very young, 15, and is now 47. In the last 10 years, basically the virus has been dormant. Two long term girlfriends - to his knowledge, no one got anything.


Normally, I would run. But i really like this guy, so I didn't. (He hasn't had a herpes outbreak in 10+ years)


So, a week ago, he was having tingling in his legs (after a Vegas trip)... he noted we should be "careful." He is on suppressive therapy (acyclovir) since we started dating a few months ago... heat of passion took over - we had sex during this time. ( I happened to be taking Valtrex just bc I thought maybe I felt a cold sore coming in - so, that was in my system).


So, the morning after we had sex (during this "tingling period") I researched - and was informed he may be highly contagious at this time. I called a hotline. They said since he was on suppressive therapy I was fine. Mind you, I also had a few days of Valtrex in me - due to the possible cold sore that never surfaced.


Am I safe?


I really am a fanatic about this stuff. I think I'm giving myself psychosomatic symptoms and have a weird new bump today.


I am really freaking out and have no one to talk to about this stuff.

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Ok. 1st let me say hi and I thanks for opening up and sharing with us. I am 29, male healthy/fit just found out I have HSV 2. So my Doc informed me that most people have come in contact with HSV virus 1 in 8 men and about 1 in 4 Women. My doc said that we (meaning people with HSV) have 2 medication options. 1. Anti Viral Immune suppressant medications that lower the risk of spreading HSV to another person by 1-3% and the medication is taken daily 2. Valtrex which helps manage the outbreak and that's only taken for 2-3 days when the outbreak starts, this is only to help make the outbreak less painful/ severe. U shld ask the guy you are in a relationship if he is taking a immune suppressant medication daily. Even if he is that still does not mean you will not contract HSV. But will lower his risk of spreading HSV to others. HSV will appear on the infected area-skin/part of the body. In my case its only on both sides of my inner thigh and my 1st outbreak was so mild that I thought I had jock itch/ minor rash from my gym shorts I wore. Even when I'm not having an outbreak I still have the ability to pass the virus. Remember u can still get herpes no matter how careful you are. It is always best to wear protection however condoms do not protect 100 percent against HSV. When I read my test results I was floored I never thought I wld have hsv. I am a example that hsv is not the end of the world and it is very managible. Again my outbreak was mild and last for 4 days. Just make sure you speak with your obgyn about the risk of being exposed to hsv. Just bc someone has gone 10 or so years with no outbreak does not make him less infectious then someone who has had it for 1 year with no outbreak.. If he is tested today or tomorrow his test will still show postive antibodies for HSV. HSV is less likely to spread during periods with no outbreaks whoever it still can be transmitted. You can have HSV for 2 years in some cases with mild to no symptoms at all. Hope this helps and my thoughts and blessings are with u. Much love

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With sex these days, there is no such thing as 100% safe. You're never 100% safe from ANY of the STDs, even wearing condoms, taking suppressive therapy, wearing a biohazard suit ... ;) If you're having sex, there's always a risk. This is not to freak anyone out, but to just be real about the world we find ourselves in.


That said, the more suppressive therapy and condom usage, the LOWER the risk. Take a look at this handout for more on the contagiousness of herpes and transmission rates and such:



Also, since it sounds like you already have the other strain of herpes (HSV-1) on your lips, your body already has built up a lot of immunity for as long as you've had the virus in your body. That gives you another layer of protection from possibly getting HSV-2 genitally.


And with all that said, again, there is always a risk. Just be smart about it. I like that you're a fanatic about being safe, but be aware when your fanaticism crosses the line into worrying yourself sick about it. Sex isn't supposed to bum you out or make you paranoid. Be as safe and as smart as you can be and enjoy the rest. Sex is fun. (Adrial's quote of the day.) ;)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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