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Exposed to Herpes, not sure if I have it

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I was exposed to Herpes on July 15th.  I was told by a female that she had genital herpes after we had been talking for about a month.  

Long story short, i made the mistake of trying to have sex with her one night by wearing a condom and the one time i so desperately need a condom to do its job, it breaks almost immediately after penetration.  We did doggy style as to limit as much skin contact as possible and I was barely halfway in (maybe got in three halfway strokes) when she said she think she felt the condom break.

Of course i was horrified and i pull my penis out and sure enough it broke already.  My whole shaft was basically exposed and what im sure was her vagina secretions was on my penis.  She gave me a paper towel and i went to the bathroom and used hand soap and really tried to clean my lil man off as well as i could.  Of course i was extremely upset but i stayed with her that night. We just didnt have anymore sex.

The very next day i get home and thoroughly clean my penis again, but within 24 hours the the tip of my penis and glans area was having this constant tingling/stinging feeling  especially if i was sitting down.  It doesnt burn at all when i pee.  Only after or before.  This has been a pretty steady problem but has mostly gone away but i still feel the strange stinging sensation every now and then, usually wheb i wake up and have to go piss.

About three days after exsposure i had a swollen armpit lymph node. Felt very sore when i touched it. It went away in less than 24 hours.

ive been having back pain recently.  Im a very healthy and in shape 33 year old male and while ive had back pain from working out before this feels like its something else.

My legs and feet have been feeling strange.  The first week after exposure i had shooting sensations in my toes a few times.  

My penis felt numb also a few days after exposure when i tried to masturbate. I could still get an erection but the skin of my penis felt strange. That went away after a couple of days.  

Got itchy feelings for a lil bit in my gential area and my anus as well.  And ive been constipated for about a week now.  I cant remember the last time i was constipated.  Im usually able to take a number 2 with relative ease and never had a problem with that. Now im struggling everyday just to get a small amount out.

i went to the doctors twice, all my STD tests have come back negative and my urine sample was negative as well.  I took a herpes IgG blood test about 2 weeks after exposure and that was negative for both HSV 1 and 2 as well.  I pretty much expected that, and know i have to wait a little longer before antibodies to show up if i was infected.

I just hate the fact that i have to wait that long to know if this is really herpes.  I have no sores at all so they cant swab for anything.

but im almost sure this is herpes and its really depressing me because i want to believe im negative, but what else could be causing these problems with me if not herpes?

did any other males every experience these symptoms at all?

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If those symptoms are supposed to be an outbreak... then is a very very mild one to be a first. I had lesions and my lymph node  beside in between my legs and my pubic bone was so sore I could barely bend my leg. .. 6 days after intercourse.

I’m a woman so of course I don’t know what an out break looks like on a guy but... do you know if She was taking anti virals? If she did .... the transmission rate is extremely low!!  I wouldn’t worry so much. 

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Yea it seems from what I've been reading online lately is that females mostly get it the worst in terms of how their first outbreaks behave compared to guys.  I don't really see many testimonials from the fellas though, so I'm thinking this might be mild symptoms for me.

And my doctor said I would have noticed lymph node swelling in my groin area like you did, but I only noticed it in my armpit for a day.  

And no, she told me she wasn't taking antivirals at the time because she was just letting her body deal with it on its own I guess, and she said she wasn't having an outbreak either. It was barely 5 seconds of sex before the condom broke and I stopped, and the female to male transmission is like 4% (or so they say), so if I did get infected that percentage must be off, or I'm just really unlucky.

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