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  1. Its your nerves ... after my first outbreak I had never pain which I thought was itching ... so please don’t scratch yourself because you’ll only make your sensitive skin worse. It’s horrvile yes and even now 4 months later I feel some nerve pain but I’ve learned not to stress to much over it or I go crazy and it makes it only worse. Aloe vers helped a lot too btw
  2. @HopefulR i have read a gazillion articles on herpes and have yet to find a case where someone got herpes on their nose; im not a doctor, but i dont think its possible. HOWEVER i do not have oral herpes and i dont know if this could be because the nerves around your face are reacting to it or something... so i dont take my word for it.
  3. @HopefulR i am glad i could bring some relief. I dont think you have HSV on your mouth unless that other person also had HSV1 on theirs. I would go back to the doctor if you really think thats the case; the only other possible spot to get herpes is your eye. So i think your nose is just the result of stress or as you said cold weather. that being said, wash your hands every time you handle your sores. one thing to keep in mind is that the more you stress, the more youre fighting against your poor little body whos trying to fight the virus making the outbreak even wrose. I know its easier said that done in this situation, but try to help your body calm down. Take a bath with some epsum salts, watch some netflix and relaaaax. everything wil be fine 🙂
  4. hey! now, what kind of HSV do you have? if you have HSV 1 genital, then it would be very possible for you to infect your own mouth if you're not careful when applying creams or oils down there. If you have HSV-2 then it would be very very rare for that to happen. Now, it is normal that your first outbreak lasts that long, it takes a while for your body to adjust; mine lasted a month and then i had some itching and tickling for an extra week; the things that saved me was aloe vera gel= I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GET IT, ITS A LIFE SAVER. other than that, dont feel ashamed, its seriously nothing more than a skin condition. dont let it get to you! its been 3 months since it happened to me ive disclosed successfully, still have the same life, go on dates, go to school work everything like i dont even have it. i remember when i first got it i seriously thought i would never be the same again.... but thats just not true. hope this helps 🙂
  5. hey there, you do know its only a 2% chance of transmitting with condoms when you're not having an outbreak, but if you really wanna make it safer and make the viral shedding less frequent then i would suggest you do get the meds since it would make it only 1% (meds and condom). I believe it would really ease your mind. Ive only slept with one person who was H- , I take the meds and we had sex without a condom and he didnt get anything. to put it into perspective, you have more chances of getting pregnant using a condom than him catching herpes with all these precautions. there is a wonderful section on this website that has all of these statistics and maybe if you showed it to him he would also be less stressed about it. I hope this helps!
  6. Here’s all you need to know! https://herpeslife.com/opportunity/free-ebook-signup.html?sc=forum
  7. @beBravebeBOLD Thanks for tour response 🙂 i am taking valtrex and so far I haven’t had any ulcers or lesions just constant itchiness which I hear it’s normal. hopefully mine will stay asleep for a long time too!
  8. I know it differs from person to person but my first OB was horrible ... I’m still not 100% but I’m wondering... what are my next outbreaks going to be like?? I know they’re supposed to be less severe but what does that mean? Will i have deep wounds again? Will it just be itchy and go away ... can i have someone’s experience?? Thank you
  9. If those symptoms are supposed to be an outbreak... then is a very very mild one to be a first. I had lesions and my lymph node beside in between my legs and my pubic bone was so sore I could barely bend my leg. .. 6 days after intercourse. I’m a woman so of course I don’t know what an out break looks like on a guy but... do you know if She was taking anti virals? If she did .... the transmission rate is extremely low!! I wouldn’t worry so much.
  10. Im so sorry it happened to you with the first person you slept with .. I can’t imagine! Keep being so strong 💪
  11. @beBravebeBOLD @Lvsandy @KRS17 Thank you all for making me realize that getting stuck on the source of the problem doesn’t help me move on from it. My life certainmy feels different but if all of you guys can do it and be so brave, than so can I! Thanks for being inspiring ❤️
  12. The only way not to transmit ... is by not having sex haha. There’s always a chance!
  13. Hey everyone it’s me again.. its almost been a month since this all started and I still haven’t had real relief. The person who I thought gave me the virus said he just got his results back... and they were negative. I don’t know why but I have such a hard time believing him ... he moved cities and he just arrived to his destination and said he went to the clinic right away and two days later he has his results ... I just don’t know if I should believe him. My symptoms appeared 6 days after having slept with him... how is that possible? I’ve been in so much pain and discomfort and stress the past weeks that I’m furious to think he might’ve be lying just so he can appear not guilty. If it was him and didn’t know he had it I Wouldn’t be mad, I just wanna know where this came from! I don’t wanna ask everyone I’ve ever slept with to go get a test... should I just move on ? Let go? Maybe I don’t need to know who gave this to me? I’m just so frustrated... I look at the pictures of me a month ago and I looked so happy and confident. Now every time I have an activity I dread it because I know I’ll be uncomfortable the whole time, no matter what I do my whole genital area is sensitive and itchy and just never feels right. Has anyone been through not knowing who gave herpes to you? Does the frustration go away?
  14. @FunnyGirl hey ! Thanks so much for that information. Indeed I had my period before the crawling started so maybe it’s a hormonal thing... I will look into that!
  15. Omg that’s amaZing! Sure gives you hope 🙂 I’m just wondering, the sex wasn’t amazing because it hurt? Just wanna know what to expect when I decide to date again
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