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Life after 1st outbreak?

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I know it differs from person to person but my first OB was horrible ... I’m still not 100% but I’m wondering... what are my next outbreaks going to be like?? I know they’re supposed to be less severe but what does that mean? Will i have deep wounds again? Will it just be itchy and go away ... can i have someone’s experience?? Thank you 

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Well from my experience the first one was horrific!! It came with the  with the swollen lymnodes ulcer like lesion and I couldnt walk for 3 days.  After that though it was amazing I healed and never had another full on outbreak again for 10 years. Within the 10 years I could recall maybe occasional itchiness but nothing major at all.. I do have hsv-1 genitally so it’s behavior is less mild than that of Hsv2.  My friends who had more troublesome bugs. Would usually say period time they’d have itchness to lesions everyone varies on degree of symptoms.     I also know ppl who get rashes but never actual lesions. 

My virus has changed since then and I’m managing. But you just give your body time to naturally fight for you and you’ll know how you’ll need to proceed. 

Mare you responsive to antivirals?

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Ohh that’s good no actual skin breakage! That’s hopeful. Do you know if you have hsv1 or hsv2? If it’s hsv-1 your to expect way milder symptoms.  And also your transmission to a male partners genetials are very lowas long as you take precaution. Oh but his mouth is more susceptible to hsv-1 so keep oral to a limit if you feel itchy. Otherbhan that I too hope your bug stays dormant. 

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