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Recent long road to recovery, ear infection, g-hsv, mono (ebv), and canker sores

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I'm a female in her 20's 

It all started with my ear hurting slightly and coming and going with a sharp pain. I had fevers for three days and then decided to go to the doctor. They said I had slight fluids in my ear so I was given drops. Three days later I went to urgent care for a burning sensation in my labia. The doctor visually diagnosed me with genital herpes. I got a swab and was prescribed aclovir. I was in complete shock. I didn't know much about the virus and could not believe I had an std. I was with my first ever sexual partner and he had been tested, what happened. While like many people his tests did not include herpes (this was very frustrating to find out after the fact and led to a lot of what if feelings). I also was lacking proper sexual education. I always had protected sex, but not oral sex. (Oops guess that is not really safe) 

Half a week later I noticed a sore throat which I learned in another weeks time that it was mono (ebv, another herpes virus, super fun). So I had mono and HSV-1 outbreak overlapping. Thankfully the outbreak took a week to go away and was greatly helped by rest (I was lucky to have the week off, which is when I took the time to do research and obsess about information about herpes) I had an on and off slight fever for about two weeks when it was all said and done. Epsom salt baths, and lots of care by a loving partner. At first my diagnosis with herpes left me devastated but then the exhaustion of mono took over. The mono lingered for a month and has made me very tired and my left side sore. It has driven me the most insane in my anxiety. All this stress on my body for a month. I bit my lip on accident recently, but instead of healing like it normally would it turned into a canker sore that has taken a week to start feeling better. Some days I feel postive while others I feel sad and hopeless. 

Also, after two frustrating weeks of calling the urgent care after getting my first urgent care diagnosis, I learned they lost my lab sample from my herpes swab (basically because the lab forgot about it for a week and by then the culture is not viable) which was infuriating for me and did not help me in my mistrust in the medical system. I had to learn that I had herpes from my partners positive hsv-1 blood test that they got after I had my outbreak. 

All and all I really have appreciated being able to read about other people's experiences and watch videos from people like Ella Dawson who give me hope and made me feel normal. I also liked reading in women's health an obgyn who was living with herpes. 

I don't know what I'm trying to convey here, maybe just I am here and if you read this you are not alone and it is going to be okay. It has been rough, but not impossible. Things do get better with time. 

Im hoping in writing this I let go a little more of the fear, pain and anxiety that this virus has cast upon me. 

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