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  1. Hi maya. Firstly. In fairness, he may not have known he had HSV. But now he’s been made aware, he should really get tested. You can read almost anywhere that It can be symptomless. More so in men. Not always. But it’s more likely to show less severe symptoms or be thought of as something else in men. Secondly, you are carrying a simple virus, like millions of us around the world. You’re not alone. There are many of us. It can be a struggle when you first find out but you can and you will move forward. it just takes a bit of time. It’s a virus that will stay with you forever , and that’s hard
  2. So. I’ve had my struggles in the last 2 years or so. It really hasn’t been easy as many of you will already know. It’s been bloody hard at times and I hit my rock bottom for a good 18 months. I struggled with my diagnosis. I struggled to get my healthcare and mental struggle with it to be taken seriously by my GP etc. They still don’t understand the impact it’s had on my life. anyway, 2 years after diagnosis and a terrible depression, also vowing to stay single forever more ( I’m 43), I met a potential partner. Disclosure wasn’t an immediate issue as we were in lockdown due to Covi
  3. I too have been in the mindset of not wanting to even try to bother dating. And I’m nowhere near self acceptance either. But somehow, it’s found me anyways. Someone lovely has shown up out of the blue and I’m having a wobble about it all and struggling with the reality of my situation. But I’ve had some great advice on this forum. I’ve allowed my diagnosis to control my life for 2 years and the only way to take that control back is to be brave, strong and move forward with my life. If I don’t do it now, I fear I never will.
  4. thank you. I so appreciate you taking the time to reply. It means a great deal and I’ve saved it for future reassurance.
  5. I have a typical story to tell. I’m a woman in my early 40’s, caught HSV2 in August 2018. I’m so tired of how this virus is affecting my life but I accept responsibility for my own naivety. I hold no judgment toward anyone. It is after all, a very common condition but, accept that I will always be judged for my diagnosis. Always. I’ve only ever disclosed to my daughter and after going away to think about it, her reaction was terrible and cruel. And I was shocked when she told me that she felt people with STDs were irresponsible and deserved it. I’ve lost interest in every aspect of living
  6. That’s so good to know. I’ve had HSV2 for nearly 2 years and have battled awful depression because of it. I was finally coming to accept it as part of me and find some peace but now, out of the blue, I’ve met someone really wonderful. Due to Coronavirus,we’ve spent months getting to know each other but it also means that I haven’t had the opportunity to decide when and if I should disclose. ( I say if because we may well not even get on in person). But the longer this goes on, the more I feel as though I’m lying to him. But this is a huge deal for me. It’ll be my disclosure and involved in my
  7. Ok, this isn’t an easy one to answer. If you insisted he use a condom but he didn’t, then yes I can understand you feel violated.. what you choose to do about it now is up to you but there is no way of knowing you contracted it from him unless you have an HSV blood test now that can possibly determine a new infection but even then, you said there has been others. HSV can lie undetected ( dormant) for weeks, months or even years. A partner could have given it to you years ago and only now has it chosen to activate. A blood test can sometimes be a clear indicator of a new or old infection. I can
  8. Hi, akirn. it’s just a case of finding a good doctor with reasonable knowledge of HSV in the U.K. I think. They do exist, you just have to find one. honestly, judging by social media, I think the stigma is the same here as the U.S. but then I’ve not been brave enough to disclose to anyone to give you my personal experience. But I hope it goes well for you in your relationship. Be strong. x
  9. Also, hot baths with salt ( table/sea) eases pain and itching. And I swear by Sudocreme straight from the fridge when I have a sore/sores. xx
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