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Where to begin..... 


Since i got herpes in December of 2017, my already compromised immune system has been quite a mess. Not sure if its just coincidental timing or because my immune system is fighting off the HSV2 virus as well, but my rheumatoid arthritis became worse than its ever been. Debilitating really... I had to leave my job and go on disability because I would wake up unable to walk or move my hands. Dealing with the aggressive RA and the new HSV2 diagnosis mentally and physically was the hardest thing I've experienced. 

I recently just started taking medication - Enbrel (YAY HEALTH INSURANCE FINALLY) for my RA, so the flare ups are less frequent and it prevents joint damage.  

The issue is, it inhibits your immune system.... so I have been noticing I am having outbreaks way  more frequent. 

I feel like I'm at a crossroads;  my joints or my genitals! 

I am in a new relationship with someone who is extremely supportive, but these frequent outbreaks complicate an already complicated situation. 


Has anyone tried daily suppressive therapy , who also on a medication affecting their immune system?


Does anyone have any suggestions..... 


Im doing what I can to cope and accept and try to live my life again. I have been so excited to not be in chronic pain everyday because of my RA, but now im in pain elsewhere :x



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Hi @Rosaa

I don't have RA, but have other much milder autoimmune stuff (food sensitivities that cause inflammatory arthritis). I believe you are right that your body is having to deal with the 2 things at once. If I don't take care of my autoimmune stuff, I notice prodrome symptoms and hopefully pay attention and get back on track before I have an outbreak. In that sense H can act like a bit of a warning system for me.

You don't mention what you do for your H-- like supplements. My H doesn't respond to the antivirals so I've had to figure out what works for me. I take lysine (3000mg daily; increase to 9000 during prodrome or outbreak) and lemon balm capsules to calm the nerve symptoms (appx 2000mg daily; increase during prodrome etc.) 

In doing research on autoimmunity, I came across a blogger that I now follow. She has RA and has been dealing with it as naturally as possible using diet and lifestyle changes and as little medication as possible. I find her quite sensible and inspiring. She blogs as Phoenix Helix and tells her whole story and her continuing journey with RA. (I'd post a link, but the moderator would have to approve the post then.)

Good luck!!!

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Hi @LotusBud, thanks so much for your response.

My morning pill intake is basically turmeric, fish oil and vitamin c for my RA, and the LLysine for my H. 

I currently take 3000mg of LLysine, i never increased during an outbreak, so I will definitely do that, and look into the lemon balm capsules as well! 

Ive cut dairy bc I noticed that affects RA flare ups, but I cant quite figure out what is causing the H flare ups,  menstrual cycle ? Stress? Shaving? mix of all of the above? haha 


I appreciate your response and again, any other suggestions please let me know! 


Looking into the blogger as we speak 


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