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Do I have HSV?!

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Hi Everybody,


Years ago I noticed pain while urination, I inspected the genital area and noticed a small bump on the tip of the penis. I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor looked at the area and said "You have herpes" and I had a full STD screening done - he prescribed some sort of medication which I took and the burning subsided. I never heard back from the clinic on the results of the test so I called and they had told me I had tested negative on everything over the phone. The small bump never went away.

A year goes by and I experience some discomfort during urination again so I go back to the clinic and after talking with them I find out that they never actually tested me for HSV - frustrating. So now I make sure to have the test done and I go in to get the results printed and it all comes back negative. So I decide the walk-in sucks, and I go get a primary care doctor and explain what had happened. He looked at the area and told me it did not look like Herpes to him. They run a full STD screening and HSV again comes back negative. I asked this doctor about the painful urination and how the medication seemed to have helped and he said that my body may have just "gotten better on it's own" whilst I was taking this medication. Seemed like a fair judgement call. 

To be safe I went a specialist - the Urologist. He told me that the bump on the tip of my penis was definitely not herpes - it's just the way my skin is. He also ran another HSV test which came back negative. He also had said that I don't have HSV1 and that if you have HSV2 you also must have HSV1 - is that true? 

Fast forward to today, I've been sexually active with one female partner throughout this whole period. Knowing the results of the test and having both of us screened for disease we have been having sex without condoms for a period of months now. A few days ago after having sex I noticed the skin around the base of my penis to be red and uncomfortable. Upon further investigation I have a few small red bumps down there. They seem to be healing up now - it's been 3 days. 

I've just always been a little weary about whether or not the tests I got were accurate because I never got any answers about the discomfort during urination. I would trust that after three HSV tests the results would be accurate, especially with all of them being negative. Perhaps my partner had it and it now was transferred to me? Have I had it all along? Maybe I should get another test. Or am I overreacting?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



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Hmmm. It's really hard to say. The skin down there is thin and sensitive. Could be irritation from a lubricant, friction, contact dermatitis from fabric softener or soap, etc. Did your gf have hsv testing? If so was she tested for hsv? It's not included in the regular testing.

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