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First Outbreak Experience & Questions

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Hello all, i will tell you about my experience and then ask some questions i have thanks for reading everything im writing!

I am new to this website and very grateful i found this forum. I had my first outbreak monday night, that was when i first saw and felt the bumps. Before then i felt pain down there when i would press on my vaginal ar1ea but there was nothing there, almost like if i had a bruise or something, it would hurt sometimes when i pee but not every time. i went to my doctor and they diagnosed me for bacteria vaginosis last thursday. i didnt start my medication until sunday because my birthday was on saturday (i know right what a wonderful bday present) after two days of taking my medication i didnt feel any relief and then saw bumps. so i finally went to the doctor again to check what was going on and she told me i had herpes. after i saw the bumps it hurt so bad when i urinated EVERY TIME, like as if i was peeing fire, omg i would never wish this upon someone. Each day it got worse when i woke up, wednesday i woke up at 3am and 4am because of the pain and i couldnt go back to sleep unless i had a warm paper towel on my vaginal area. as i was walking to get the paper towel wet it even hurt. Last night i decided to take ibuprofen along with my herps medicine my doctor prescribed and that def helped me sleep through the night. it is now thursday and i found that i get much relief whenever i urinate in the shower while the water is running down to my area. i'm still scared to pee, but i know it will get better. i just wanted to post this for everyone else out there with their first outbreak that it will get better. i have not finished my outbreak and cant wait to do so but i have now accepted that i have herps, ofc i was pouring my eyes out when i was told the news but why stress and cry over something that you cant change? so i have accepted the fact and am just going to continue my life and try preventing it! but 11/10 worst pain ever that i've experienced! i know i am supposed to drink more water but im just so scared to pee.

Yesterday i had yellow almost like discharge around my vaginal area, is that discharge or is it the sores opening? is it a good sign if it popping by itself? 

I've heard of Lysine and also a medication to take everyday for the rest of my life to prevent ob. but i am scared if i start taking it and forget to take it one day, that one day i forget ill get an outbreak. my body is super sensitive and im just scared to depend on medication like that. any advice?

also if i have an ob can i give my partner oral still or no?

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Hi @Poppyheart and @Sunflowergirl

Hmm, lots of beautiful flowers on this forum. Well, ladies I don't think either of you said whether you have HSV1 or 2 or both. I know the first OB is hellish physically and emotionally. My heartfelt sympathies!!!💞💞💞

Here's something I've posted a few times for those new to H. Hope it's helpful. BTW, re: oral during outbreak, it's pretty big risk because you could be shedding the virus from any part of you, not just from your genital region although it's more concentrated there. 

"I’m a female and was diagnosed with hsv2 about 4 years ago. My first outbreaks seemed continuous for over 3 months even after taking the antiviral meds.  One lesion would appear, get almost all cleared up when 2 new ones would appear about a quarter inch away. Docs were baffled that it didn't respond to meds, but I have since read that there are resistant strains. My partner who gave me H said the meds didn't work on him either.

I researched and dug around focusing mainly on natural treatments and on the fact that the virus is a living organism that responds to its environment. There are 3 main things that have been useful to me and what I do to prevent outbreaks.

1. I learned that HSV2 prefers a warmer, moister environment than HSV1. This explains the locations where the viral outbreaks "usually" occur (i.e. warm, moist genitals for HSV2.)

2. Both HSV1 & 2, as well as herpes zoster (aka chicken pox/shingles) like to hang out in the nervous system when not active. HSV2 likes the base of the spine particularly, so prodrome often shows up as low back ache or nerve pain down the leg.

3. HSV likes the amino acid arginine, but not lysine.

My self care routine specifically for HSV2 (not including general health maintenance like exercise) goes something like this:

For active outbreak, make the environment as UNHEALTHY FOR THE VIRUS as possible.

Keep the area as dry and cool as possible. (This is also soothing for painful lesions.)

Sit on a gel ice pack; sleep with it over the affected area. Put a cloth between pack and skin; just needs to be cooler not frozen. 

Let a fan blow on the affected area for about a half hour as many times a day as you can stand it. This cools and dries. Watch a comedy on video while you wait. It goes with the ridiculous position you might find yourself assuming in order to fan the area. (Some recommend hair dryers, but they tend to blow warm air. That would probably be okay for HSV1)

During work when you can't do any of the above, place small pad of folded up toilet paper over the lesions (I'm assuming they're in the genital area) so that it stays dry and isn't contacting any other moist areas. Change every time you go to restroom.

Get lots of sleep especially for active outbreak and prodrome. I drink Nighty Night herbal tea by Traditional Medicinals if worrying prevents me from sleeping. (This is what works for me; not an endorsement.)

I avoid high arginine foods. Unfortunately, this means chocolate. In retrospect, i wonder if my first outbreak went on so long because i was eating so much of my favorite comfort food. Nothing will bring on an outbreak for me faster than eating chocolate 3-4 days in a row. You might have different food triggers. You'll have to pay attention to see if there are any connections

I take 3000 mg of lysine 3 times per day during OB and prodrome. 3000mg daily for maintenance. Lysine counters arginine so if I forget and indulge in too much chocolate, then I'll take extra lysine.

For my nervous system, I take lemon balm in capsule form (1600mg daily; times 3 during OB or prodrome. ) Lemon balm has traditionally been used as a nerve tonic. I've tried other herbs like Olive leaf extract. You'll have to see what works for you. 

For me, lemon balm seems to help with any nerve pain weirdness that might crop up. An ice pack on low back helps too. And because I find the nerve sensations annoyingly exhausting, as well as painful, I'll take naproxen (Aleve) to take down the inflammation. Also I just discovered (8/29/18) that a salve with CBD oil rubbed on the areas with nerve pain weirdness really, really helps. (Not an endorsement, just info: I'm using a brand called Receptra Targeted Topical. The guy at the store said it has the highest concentration of CBD oil in a salve. I originally got it for some joint issues I was having.)

Avoid stressing your system. Yes, manage the usual stress, but also be diligent about taking care of yourself. For example, if you have allergies, take your meds and avoid allergens. Your body doesn't need to fight allergies AND herpes.

Nowadays, my outbreaks, when I have them, last 7-10 days tops following this protocol. I'm not sure how often I have them anymore; it's become such a non-issue. I can usually pinpoint something I've done like eat chocolate that brought it on. I can also catch it during prodrome and stop a full outbreak from happening.

Good luck, ladies!

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Re - reading your post and wondering what kind of tests did your doctor do? Did you get a full STI panel including for HSV? Did she do a swab test on the lesions?

Everyone is different in how they respond to the virus of course, but "peeing fire" could also be a bad urinary tract infection (UTI). That's the only time I've felt pain that intensely when peeing. Might want to get it checked out. You could have both at the same time, but not be able to tell because you never had H before. 

Just concerned for you. Feel better soon!

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