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I was very recently diagnosed with HSV2 and am currently dealing with a very severe initial outbreak. So severe that I have missed multiple days of work and am probably going to miss a few more because I can't walk because of the burning and the leg and foot nerve pain I am experiencing. I am in constant pain and going to the bathroom gives me anxiety because I know what's coming. I am constantly tired as well. I know that herpes is not the end of my life and that once this outbreak is over (although it feels like it may never end) my life will be normal with only minor adjustments to the way I live. However, this initial outbreak has cost me a lot of money from missed work and of course it is quite traumatizing to find out I got herpes in the first place. Especially after finding out that the guy who gave it to me was treated for an std only days before I met him and so I can only assume he absolutely knew he had this and chose to not tell me before we slept together. The point of this post is that my friends and family are encouraging me to sue him. Does anyone have any experience with doing that? Or any advice on the matter?

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Hello! I am very sorry about your situation and it sounds terrible/painful. :(. If you haven't already, I would take an epsom salt bath, just so it can dry up the area and help soothe your itchiness and pain. 
As for the person you slept with....well. A doctor can only diagnose herpes if there is an active sore for them to swab and test. So, say he knew he had herpes or there was a chance, for all you know he could have been treating gonorrhea or chlamydia. You can maybe try seeing if you can ask him if he has herpes and if that's what he was getting treated. If there is no medical evidence of him having herpes though (he may know he has it but has no active sores tested by doctors and therefore no medical record of it) he could just tell you he didn't know, or maybe he really didn't know and was treating another STD, and if he didn't know then you probably can't sue him. 

Also, as far as I've noticed online (I'm no lawyer or paralegal assistant or anything) but there is no federal law that requires he disclose to you.... there might be state laws that specify certain things like that but federally unless it's terminal like HIV, I don't know of any laws. 

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