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Legitimate Risk w/ Symptoms or Anxiety

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I was married for 10 years and am recently single. It had been 11 months since I last slept with my husband.

August 1-2 I had unprotected vaginal intercourse approx. 4 times with a new partner. He had no visible sores and said he was free of STIs.

August 25-26 I had unprotected vaginal intercourse approx. 6 times with a new (different) partner. He had no visible sores and said he was free of STIs.

The guilt and panic set in. My vagina felt itchy and irritated. I have recurrent bacterial vaginosis and felt like an episode was coming on prior to this last encounter. So perhaps it was that? I have seen no lesions or sores. 

Vaginal irritation has subsided but my vaginal opening and urethra feel slightly irritated after urinating.  I saw my doctor yesterday (12 days after exposure) and she saw no sores/lesion externally or on my cervix.  She took a culture and will be running other tests.  Urine was negative for UTI.

I woke up yesterday with a minor sore throat, which is now gone.  I did not perform oral sex on either partner so it shouldn’t be related, right?

I feel sick with worry which I know can exacerbate symptoms becomes I become hyper aware of every sensation in my body and I know I manifest symptoms. I now feel like every inch of my skin is sensitive.

I suffer from anxiety and thought I had HIV for years despite me have the most minute chance of exposure; I google any pain and have been convinced I have various terminal illnesses. I feel like HSV has become my new obsession. I’m having a hard time balancing my real risk with OCD tendencies.

I feel like I’m spinning.

What was my risk? Today is day 13, am I out of the woods?

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Hey, im a guy but i have had genital hsv 1 since feburary but i wasnt diagnosed until august last month when i saw my first sore appear 😕

Up until then all i felt was sciatic nerve pain that i attributed to everything google said but herpes . im 26 with no insurance so im constantly searching up symptoms and what not . like today im light headed so im just assuming that its connected to the virus . 

Anyways , i hope my post wasnt too depressing 😂 . also good luck and i hope you make it out the woods 🌲🌲

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