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  1. RaymondPlacido

    Should I get tested?

    Why not ? If youre anything like me youre just going to keep wondering if you have it . If its not gonna burn a hole in your wallet might as well be safe and get tested just to have peace of mind . yea you guys were careless but thats fine, the fact that your partner didnt say anything prior to or after the first time stinks though
  2. RaymondPlacido

    How long after infection did your OB appear?

    Took about 6 months for the first OB to show up but during those months I was having some sensational nerve pain in my leg and sometimes groin . The first outbreak actually happened a couple days after protected sex with a different person. Got tested and was told HSV 1 . I'm assuming I only have it below the waist.
  3. RaymondPlacido

    Marijuana and Herpes .

    Does anyone have anything theyd like to share in terms of their experiences with marijuana and how it alleviated or aggrivated your symptoms ?(If it had any effect at all of course ) I'll be the first to say that Im (ab)using it , just cause i dont smoke for any other reason to hide from reality (this was even before my recent diagnosis) Just starting to do some research and attempting to hear as many POV's as possible on this and it doesnt have to be strictly about the herb, I encourage you to share your experience with anything you feel "helps" you get through your mind battles and body aches . PS I hope this random submission finds you in good spirits , peace and latrellspreewell to everyone
  4. What a wrench this whole situation threw into our cogs . I come on here and real all of your experiences and mindsets and my heart aches . i tend to show more compassion for everyone but myself so i dont even care about my GHSV 1 . ( diagnosed this past august and currently experiencing my second OB ) . @Jasmine10 Just like you, the worst part of this is convincing myself that life is normal. Im 25 and only had sex with 3 woman so you can say i barely got my feet wet is the social dating scene. I feel like the gates closed right on my face and now im most certaintly destined to be single ( due to a slew of issues like you mentioned yourself ) But i still have my crude sense of humor and my disdain for the general population has been reinforced lol . i just felt like pouring some heart out so if youre reading this , im sorry the universe qualified you for these forums and i really hope each and everyone of us can conquer this battle against ourselves and truly be unphased by living with H .
  5. @vihsv1 So after i took my first dose yesterday , i started feeling a little funny in my head . i could compare it to a light headed feeling but its not too intense but its there . last august when i was taking 2 anti viral doses a day , i would feel kidney pain and slight nausea. Im not sure if the anxiety plus stress and still accepting the diagnosis were to blame, as well as my body reacting to new antibiotics . also im not a fan of pharmaceuticals but thats just personal preference . im considering not taking any more valtrex if this OB continues . only took it cause this second OB really took me by surprise . i didnt have any of the symptoms ive had before, it just kinda happened :/ What do you feel when you take your anti virals ?
  6. Had my first ghsv 1 OB this past August . nothing crazy , single bump that completely healed in a month or so . was good all october and November up until some itching yesterday . looks slightly red down there and looks like theres some tiny bumps but ill see how it goes. Last OB i had some nerve pain but thats subsided and this hopefully minor OB isnt too bad =/ just took valtrex for the first time since august even tho im not a fan of its side effects on my body
  7. RaymondPlacido

    Herpes encephalitis?

    Ive had Genital HSV 1 since Feburary this year . found out in August though when my first OB happened . ive had a slight pressure , similar to a light headed feeling these past 3 weeks . I can only describe this feeling as if something is literally on my brain (around the front side , maybe temporal lobe ?) My question is , has anyone here suffered or is suffering from Herpes Encephalitis and if so can you please share your symptoms leading to your diagnosis ? Perhaps its stress and anxiety ? As much as i can tell myself ill be fine and not to worry , maybe im still a mental wreck subconsciously ? Not having insurance doesnt help either, especially in my part of town where there arent a whole lot of cost efficient health care centers . they mostly cater to the elderly who are hooked on all sorts of pharmaceutical$$. PS Could i have been infected with Oral HSV 1 the same time i got it genitally ? Could that be causing these mild pressures in my head 7 months later? A canker sore did appear in my mouth recently but im not so worried about that as ive had them all throughout my child hood so i know what they feel like and what not. Just thought i should mention . As always , thank you to anyone who reads this and responds, you are all amazing
  8. RaymondPlacido

    How did you find out you had herpes?

    Had protected sex (6 months after unprotected sex with different person) then a bump appeared like 3 days later. hsv 1 positive 1 week later . just slight itching and one bump . thought it was an ingrown hair Tbh im just assuming i got it from the unprotected and maybe the protected sex last month triggered an ob ? Cause about a week or 2 after the unprotected sex the sciatic/groin pain started. I have no health insurance or primary physician so i cant really go about getting to the bottom of it for now no other OBs since then but i still get an itch around the area , never any bumps . still dealing with nerve pain thooo
  9. @Soawful hey hope it wasnt hsv 1 up there . any updates ? Currently goin thru that same situation. Diagnosed with ghsv 1 last month, all symptoms below the waist . now what i thought was a cut under my nose is starting to look a little iffy
  10. RaymondPlacido

    Urinary pain & constipation with outbreak?

    @SPlife Hey, sorry to hear bout your situation but youre in the right place for answers and support . From what ive read so far on this site , the first outbreak is usually the worst and lasts the longest. Im assuming you have HSV 2 ? I have genital hsv 1 and im having constipation right now and possibly another OB . i stopped taking valtrex after it started giving my kidneys uppercuts to the nuts so it could be a side effect. Hopefully someone else can chime in with more info , i just wanted to be the first to let you know youre not alone
  11. RaymondPlacido

    Just diagnosed with HSV

    @HopefulR for real , i keep telling myself that i couldve gotten something worst that would actually affect my mortality . i really am gonna miss eating a whole pizza pie =/ im sure that would not be wise now that i actually have to TRY to be healthy . I hope you have more highs than lows though and dont forget to keep checking in on here to let us know how youre doing and eventually help someone just like you whos gonna end up on here !
  12. RaymondPlacido

    HSV-2 symptoms?

    @notsureofthings i had genital hsv1 for about 6 months before my first OB. I went 6 months with nerve pain in my leg, thinking it was work related ! But then the itching came and BOW my first OB that i thought was an ingrown hair . Now I dont know if it goes the same with genital hsv 2 but ive read articles where people can show no symptoms at all for years but theres so many different ways that H gets cozy in your body its really hard for me to give a solider answer . hopefully someone can chime in and type an essay thats actually useful to you
  13. RaymondPlacido

    Just diagnosed with HSV

    @HopefulR My initial OB (Genital Hsv1) was just one bump. Looked like an ingrown hair until like day 4 when i put apple cider vinegar on it and it did not like that at all. Led me to my diagnosis . so yea it can def just be one bump . Hope youre mental battle is going fine ! Im trying to look at this as a blessing and not a curse . sounds dumb but maybe H was the kick in the ass i needed to get off my arse and love myself rather than wallow in self pity and despair like the grinch lol
  14. RaymondPlacido

    Genital HSV1 transmission questions

    Thanks for sharing friend , im 26 and depressed . But yea thank you !
  15. RaymondPlacido

    Questions about transmission of GHSV1.

    Thanks for sharinggg. Im a 26 y.o male with ghsv1 and i too have just been scouring the internets for info on transmission . i feel like ive made no progress though. I feel you tho, somedays i know ill be okay and somedays are just cmon man wth did you do lol . good luck to you on your knowledge hunt my friend