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HSV1, but first outbreak was genital

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Hi all, 

I’m finally getting over my first genital outbreak, which was truly the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s been about ten days. I got a culture test and found out today that I’m aftuallt HSV1, despite the fact that my first outbreak was in the genital area. I’m a bit surprised, I’ve done some research and I know it’s  possible to have type 1, but get sores via oral sex. 

Im curious, does anyone else have HSV1, but have genital outbreaks? Do you only have genital outbreaks or are they sometimes oral as well? 

Thanks in advance 

xx Nathalie

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@LM_93 That helps a lot, thank you so much. My partner gave it to me genitally, which seems to be rare, but he’s never had any oral outbreaks either. I’m hoping they aren’t as frequent, as the research says, because this first OB was rough. 

I did hear that wherever your first OB is, is where it is usually manifests moving forward. So yours have only been genital? Do you mind sharing how you disclose this information to partners now? Do you explain the facts of HSV1, but tell them you get OV genitally or is that information you don’t feel is necessary to share?

Have you ever had an OB that seems to be going away/healing and then returns? I might just be paranoid, but I feel the itching again. I’m still on Valtrex though. 

Sorry for the many questions... thanks again for all your help. 


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Just like to add, I was told by my Dr that if you get HSV-1 Genitally,  you will not get it orally. (but don't know if it is a fact)

Being Male I think we generally get an easier ride with our OB's than women but I am starting to wonder if I have GHSV-1
instead of GHSV-2 as my OB's are not that severe at all & I have never passed it to a partner yet.
I would like to get tested but seems the most reliable way is a culture test but haven't had an OB for a long time,
not that I'm complaining about that.

I hope your OB's become lesser & easier to deal with

all the best!




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