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Pain, itching, burning unexplained until now

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I haven’t gotten my final diagnosis as I’m awaiting the results. I am 25&female and about 6-7 weeks ago I had went swimming in a public pool and began to have itching afterwards, didn’t think much of it.. i work at a Gyno so i had an appt, atopic dermatitis here’s some hydrocortisone ointment, also with a negative vaginitis panel that excludes common factors of vaginal infections. Itching,burning persists so I see my doc instead of NP.. most of my issues were Vulvar- diagnosed with vulvar candidiasis-antifungal ointment that worked for a few days and symptoms returned more vaginal— Group Beta Strep showed light growth.. took kelflex.. felt better a few days.. comes back with a vengeance.. get another swab with culture that will grow bacteria that can survive with/without oxygen.. showed normal flora. Finally my doctor says it may be HSV as she did see a papercut type lesion at one of my exams. She began me on acyclovir 400mg 4x a day for 10 days.  It seemed to help after 3 days, I’m on my cycle now and day 6 of meds and the itching with slight burning has returned. I know my diagnosis will most likely be HSV1 as my boyfriend of 4 years was positive on an std panel we both had gotten done when we first started dating and mine was negative. He has never had an outbreak-oral or genital so I didn’t think much of it. So now into a month with no sex, a lot of crying and anxiety I’m just wanting to be normal again so badly. I’m hoping after day 10 and the meds are done I may have some relief and not have another experience as bad as this. Sorry this is so long to anyone who is actual reading. 

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Hi trying2bsunny

I'm sorry you are going through so much grief right now!
no story/explanation is to long on here, tell it how you feel it.

I hope your OB's gets easier, normally your first one is the worse & hopefully
by the end of your 10 days it will of gone or at least feel better, if not ask for suppressants
to keep it at bay.

Hugs & plenty of luck to you

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