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Why me, I can't handle this...What really happened

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God has truly punished me. These last two years has been the worst year of my life and it's going to continue to get worse. I cry all day everyday I'm losing sleep weight and my job threatening to fire me.  I only told one person and that person has turn there back on me. It's eating me up inside bc I really have nobody and killing myself is the only option I have left 

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@Loyalloulou my heart breaks to hear you feeling this way. Please reach out to someone if you are feeling suicidal 1-800-273-8255 and need to talk .

plrase do not let H and your fears convince you your life is not worth living . It is ! You just need to come to terms with a few things and find support to help you .

inunderstand where you are I was there too honestly - lost weight couldn't focus work was not going well.... but somehow I have managed to start feeling like myself again slowly . It takes baby steps - what can you do in THIS moment to love yourself ? Is it a bath ? A cup of tea? A deep breath?  Or reminding yourself you are NOT alone? Whatever it is DO IT!!!!! You are worth it . 

And you may not agree but I do not think God punishes us . Shit happens . We punish ourselves with what we tell ourselves about the shit that  happens . Pray for self forgiveness and the courage to move forward - God will meet you there ❤️

Much love and blessings 

im cheering you and myself on at the same time 

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The more I pray the worst it gets I pray everyday god take me soon. I fight everyday to not think about killing myself I know I'm going to do it just don't know when I'm tired. No one will ever love me or accept me I'll never be happy. I'm only 24 and my life is at a stand still. All I ever wanted to do was to get married and have kids.  It makes me sick to my stomach to even look at one or even when one comes near me. And lately my nieces and nephews been stuck under as if they can feel if something is wrong. I just pushed them away 

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