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Hey all,

I was gifted HSV2 unknowingly in February of this year. I had my first OB almost immediately- horrible swollen lymph nodes in the groin, flu like symptoms and a tiny cluster of blisters on my lady parts (like, 3) 

I was misdiagnosed at an Urgent Care and didn’t get an official diagnosis until my second OB in August. I fell into a complete depression (seems common) and let my current partner know. I am lucky and blessed that he promised me we would get through this and that he is still here for the long haul. 


Getting ready to go visit him (he’s military and has an upcoming R&R) and it looks like I’m beginning to get another OB. Could just use some tips, support and whatever else. 

I have an RX for Valtrex and have been dosing a gram each day for the last two or three days. Still figuring out my prodromes. Bleh. 

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Glad to hear that your partner is being supportive and kudos on the full disclosure!  The valtrex is great- many, myself included have found that the supplement L-lysine taken daily can help to ward of an OB or shorten it's timeline/severity, and for some settle the prodromes.    Try to keep your stresses down best you can.  If you have an OB when you get to see him, of course it's best to abstain(assuming he is H-) and if you're not keep on suppressants and use protection.  And have a fantastic time seeing your partner!  Was there anything specific you were wondering about?

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I have heard about Lysine and I took it over the course of my last OB- I heard taking it daily when not having an OB might bring on one? Do you know anything about that by chance? 


I guess just would definitely love tips on managing an OB and shortening the life of it (I have seen some questionable things lol but I think I’ll try anything) along with my RX. Currently I work out daily, drink lots of water, take a variety of supplements including zinc, turmeric, a full spectrum CBD oil, licorice root, dandelion root, a multivit, etc. I refuse to cut out coffee and alcohol lol but so far no connections to OB that I have noticed (I am a 1-2 cup of coffee a day person and have been most of my life) I have purchased things to use like tea tree oil, lemon balm, epsom salt and even acetone (Hesitant to try lol)- just to give you an idea. As you can see I’m a little obsessive haha 


also reassurance about pregnancy and HSV2. My partner and I plan of getting married next year and there is at least one kid in the future (we currently each have one from previous relationships) and I’m terrified for it with this diagnosis. I’m 24 by the way, so..it just seems very daunting 

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