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  1. On one of the news shows I was watching one night one of the hosts was talking about how young people aren’t afraid of COVID and still partying in crowds...he said “maybe we should just tell them it’s an STD...let’s tell them it’s herpes...then they’ll all hide in their houses.” yeaaaa. Very funny 🙄
  2. Well...I’m in your same boat and it’s been a fricken roller coaster. Ive had H for almost a year now and haven’t dated anyone since my diagnosis. Recently met someone I REALLY liked...we had a super strong quick connection (which doesn’t really ever happen for me...I’m usually very meh about dating)...anyway...discloses after the second time seeing each other...he was very kind about it and said he needed to strongly think about it...but then I felt the distance so I told him I had to let him go...he said he was still thinking about it and didn’t want to rush into a decision...weeks went by (maybe a month) and I heard nothing...I was Devastated!!! Then out of no where Monday he starts talking to me again...being very flirty...So I’m assuming he was done with his deep thought process and wanted to give things a go...I was SO EXCITED (inside of course I played it cool) then this weekend he just kinda stopped talking to me again. Back to being devastated. It really sucks.
  3. This is me as well! I was SOOOOO paranoid and afraid of std’s. I’m also a hypochondriac...and I was one of those people who would have probably said no too...ah the irony.
  4. Sorry you’re having a bad day. I’ve been there...I too have a beautiful child and great job...I’ll count those twice as blessings...What dating app was this? Just curious
  5. I would love to know the answer to this too...I’d like to know how frequently my shedding occurs...I know there are percentages and what not but I’ve also read that everyone is different...those who don’t have many ob’s may shed less than those who do...too bad there’s not an at home rapid test kit LOL
  6. Ah I just did my first disclosure and it was a rejection unfortunately...I did disclose after our first date Bc the connection was so strong. I don’t typically really like or get excited about many dates...but I was OVER THE MOON for this one. He was kind when I told him and said he needed time to strongly think about it but its been over two weeks and we no longer talk. It hurts deeply.
  7. How long did you wait to disclose?
  8. Sooo. I disclosed for the first time. I did it pretty quickly (only the second time seeing each other). I did it because we had SUCH a strong connection...which NEVER happens for me. We got somewhat physical on the second date. He also happened to bring up herpes randomly in the car saying that some girl has been trying to get with him but the word is she has herpes 🙄 I stayed quiet until the next morning when I texted him my situation. He was kind and thankful and said he needed to think strongly about it...but it’s been over a week now and he’s gone. Nothing. Usually when I go on a date I just can’t wait to get home. This was SO SO SO different. I felt like he was my match in ever sense of the word...same sense of humor, personality, looks, values...just EVERYTHING. Every. Little. Thing. I know I know. If he can’t accept this someone else will and it wasn’t meant to be bla bla bla. I’m JUST SO DOWN. So sad. And I can’t stop thinking about it. What if I didn’t say anything so soon...I just so wish things were different. It’s Christmas and I should be enjoying that and we’re leaving for Disney on a family trip the day after I should be more happy then I am. I’m just so hurt. I was finally at the point where I was accepting of the fact that I had hsv and now I feel so defeated.
  9. I’m literally going through the same thing right now...I think I disclosed too soon. But we had SUCH a strong connection. I disclosed yesterday morning...he was appreciative and said he needed time to strongly think about it and wanted to still talk while he does. But, today...a couple txts earlier then nothing for the rest of the day which is NOT how it’s been. I REALLY felt a connection and know he did too so this is strictly Bc of the H. It blows. It really does. I’m so angry. And so so sad. I’m not emotional either but this just sucks. This was my first disclosure as well.
  10. The mind is a powerful thing...what you give power to will have power over you, it’s not hippy talk haha it’s real. Just like how fake flowers can cause an asthma attack to an asthmatic that doesn’t know the flowers are fake. I like to listen to sleep hypnosis for healing before bed as well...worth a try! 😊
  11. Good question and I have no answer but I enjoy your username.
  12. First of all...your body WILL readjust and put the virus back where it belongs...so no losing any will... I have an ob currently (my 4th) which is much worse than my first three so I’m kind of wondering the same - thought it was supposed to get better with time etc...I have a 5 year old and today I felt like doing none of the mom stuff because of the uncomfortableness...but on I went because that’s life. I plan on trying to just chill out about it and let my body handle it. I have recently being listening to sleep hypnosis for healing (sounds super weird but the mind is a powerful thing) on YouTube before bed...give it a try! Can’t hurt. Have you been on antivirals since you’ve been diagnosed? The steroid may have set you back a bit... Are your outbreaks in one spot? I’ve found that a mix of tea tree oil and coconut oil makes it much more comfortable.
  13. Anyone still get groin pain with reoccurring ob’s? I was diagnosed in Feb...this is my 4th ob... the first three were a month or so apart, then I went six months with nothing but now it’s back. I had groin pain with the first, not the second...but then again with the 3rd and 4th. By groin pain I mean the swollen lymph nodes on the front part of your body...like where your stomach meets your hip but inward more (sorry does that make sense?) I feel like the groin pain is just as annoying as the cold sore spot! Anyone else? And any ways to nip it in the bud?? Thanks :)
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