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  1. What made you decide to do suppressive therapy if you’ve never had symptoms? Just for transmission purposes?
  2. @marietje how’s it been going? Have your meds and supplements worked for you?
  3. Ughhhh I feel the same! Every ache and twinge I have I associate with H...I need to get a grip! 😩
  4. @annalove Your situation sounds a lot like mine...ob’s sound the same too...do you have to call your doctor every time you need meds or do you have a standing script? I’ve yet to use any medication...
  5. Ah okay...maybe ill up it...I’ll try 1000mg 2x per day maybe...
  6. Thank you for checking back in and giving us newbies an update. Your post is very hopeful. 😊 Have you noticed a difference in your ob’s over the past two years? Aside from the stigma I’m so paranoid constantly about ob’s...when will they happen/will it be worse than the one before/etc...
  7. Just curious as to what most of you put topically on an outbreak (if anything...or do you let it be)? I've been doing rubbing alcohol on a q-tip...not sure if it does anything but if sure feels like it is.
  8. Are you sure your HSV is causing your tailbone pain? There’s a thing called a pilonidal cyst that can cause the same tailbone pain you’re talking about...
  9. Lysine update ^...got an outbreak today. 😑 I may give oregano oil capsules a whirl.
  10. Sooooo...scratch that lysine notion...got an outbreak today 😑
  11. No, no antiviarals...I wanted to see how my body reacts to the virus before deciding on it.
  12. Also...I could be completely wrong, but I thought that I read steroids has the opposite effect on hsv...meaning it makes it harder for your body to make the virus dormant...? Maybe something to look into Incase it’s prescribed again?
  13. Have you tried any supplements? Even a multi vitamin...maybe your body is lacking a nutrient it needs to allow your immune system to put the virus away. I take lysine and a multivitamin...as well as magnesium and potassium...I also drink bcaa’s everyday and have before I contracted or knew I had this virus...I’m not really sure that any of it helps but it may be worth a shot for you...
  14. I haven’t been taking it long enough to say if it’s working or not but I havent had an ob since I started it...it’s only been month though
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