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  1. No, no antiviarals...I wanted to see how my body reacts to the virus before deciding on it.
  2. Also...I could be completely wrong, but I thought that I read steroids has the opposite effect on hsv...meaning it makes it harder for your body to make the virus dormant...? Maybe something to look into Incase it’s prescribed again?
  3. Have you tried any supplements? Even a multi vitamin...maybe your body is lacking a nutrient it needs to allow your immune system to put the virus away. I take lysine and a multivitamin...as well as magnesium and potassium...I also drink bcaa’s everyday and have before I contracted or knew I had this virus...I’m not really sure that any of it helps but it may be worth a shot for you...
  4. I haven’t been taking it long enough to say if it’s working or not but I havent had an ob since I started it...it’s only been month though
  5. @MarsAttack mine do not scab...it just fade away... it does hurt/burn the first day like a cut
  6. Oh I didn’t even think of this!...but I polished off a jar of nutella in three days (not one of my finer moments) a few weeks ago...I think it’s been long enough to say it didn’t cause anything for me
  7. It doesn’t hurt to actually pee but it burns when the pee hits the cut...in my case anyway
  8. Why did ya stop if it helped? It’s just an amino acid...many athletes take it as well. Dont cut out foods just yet. Your body might just need some time to build up antibodies
  9. Just curious. Do you still get outbreaks?
  10. @Marc C nope, not a single soul (except you all)... I kind of feel like @MarsAttack . It may help me initially but idk if I want everyone knowing and keeping it in the back of their mind. Not that I’m afraid they’ll think of me differently, I just don’t know if I want them knowing. One time I told my mother I think someone put something in my drink one night while I was out with my girlfriends and now EVERYTIME I’m going somewhere/doing something I feel like she warns me/worries...I don’t want this to always be on her mind as well (sounds weird I know) I don’t really plan on dating anytime soon but when I do I’ll obviously disclose. It’s just not on my radar right now So, I read a lot about the virus and check in often to this forum for the support I need right now. Sigh.
  11. I’m not black but have the same exact feelings
  12. Have you tried any natural remedies to see if your symptoms calm down? Tea tree oil? L-lysine?
  13. Hi there...the part of your post where you were surprised by your third outbreak rings true with me...I was diagnosed in February with what I think was my initial outbreak...It was one tiny spot but I was SUPER tired and felt very worn out and not myself...I also had groin pain on the side that has the spot... my second spot however, two months later didn’t have any of those symptoms...I was surprised to see the spot...which only actually hurt for 1-2 days thank god. Now I feel like I’m just waittting to see when the next one happens...sigh
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