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It is normal? (outbreaks)

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I was wondering if it is normal/good/bad thing to have OB's during my period and sometimes in between? (The majority its mild like paper cuts or so and others not so mild (kinda like 1 lil bump or so).


I had my first OB like 4 months ago and it was very awful, nothing compared to what i'm having now. I'm not on supressive meds.

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It’s very normal to have outbreaks during and after periods. Most outbreaks come from stress on the immune system. My first and only outbreak so far came after I had strep throat for a week and my period followed. It is very good to talk to your OBGYN about what can cause symptoms. I did and it made me feel a whole lot better!! For example, I didn’t think stress could cause an outbreak until I talked to my doctor and researched for hours and hours online and in my medical text books. 


I am insanely jealous that your outbreak was not what my experience was! Just all around awful, but they always say the first one is always the worst!! Thank god! I did start suppressive therapy because I did not want that feeling that I experienced before to ever happen again it was the worst pain I have ever felt!! The therapy seems to help me, but it’s always different for everyone.

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@Dazed-and-Confused Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, I have talked with my OBGYN and she says that it's because I'm always thinking about it and stressing myself and at some point my body should control it, but idk... recently i've tried to calm down about this but i keep having OB's and then everything gets back to thinking about H, it's like a cycle 😞


BTW, I'm soo jealous that you had just 1 OB. You should feel good by now. 

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Oh that is awful! I think about it all the time, my boyfriend gets really upset because it stresses me out! I found exercise and yoga have helped a lot!!! Not only with mental positivity but also with feeling good physically because I gained a lot of weight after my diagnosis, which was not that long ago I should add. I have only been diagnosed for almost two months so I’m still waiting the next outbreak, I’m hoping it’s not that bad! 


Trust me me it is an absolute terrible cycle of self doubt and loathing since my diagnosis, but I found with the right state of mind and support behind me (my brothers and boyfriend included) it makes it a lot easier to see that life does not have to change from what it has been before!! Half the time now, I don’t even remember I have it, which is great!! Thinking about the negative just makes things harder in my understanding. Just try and keep a positive mind!! Remember, there’s so many people here that are open and willing to talk! Message me anytime!!

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@Dazed-and-Confused honestly thank you so much! You made me cry (I guess i'm kinda sensitive haha)

I know it takes time and hard work to get used to live with H and absorb the idea that it's not a big deal, but like you said, keeping a positive mind  it's very important so I def will give yoga a try! Have nothing to lose right? Well maybe OB's, who knows!

Again, thank you so much for your words, positivism and support! I really appreciated it. 

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