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Genital HSV1... not going away

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Hi!  I was diagnosed with ghsv1back in august. Since then, it has been a cycle of prodrome, OB, valtrex, easing up, but right back into the prodrome/OB stage again. It never really feels like it goes away.  Last time, a few weeks ago, doc gave me 1000mg valtrex three times a day for a week, then 1000mg per day every day after. It's now a few weeks later and I'm feeling the tingles and burning feelings again. Is this normal? Is my body just having a hard time adjusting? Should I be concerned that  there's something up with my immune system? Has this happened to anyone? Should I let it run its course without valtrex do my body learns to fight it off? I'm so confused. And annoyed. I thought hsv1 was more likely to be the one with few outbreaks. It's just kind of like my body keeps giving up the fight. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone dealt with the same thing? Any info would be great. I can't seem to find much info online. I have an appointment with my ENT for a sinus issue Friday, and while he's an ENT, he seems to listen and catch things better than my other docs, so I'll ask him, too.

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Sorry about what you're going through. This is very typical. The first outbreak can definitely last more than 4 weeks. For me it lasted for eight weeks. Yes, you will continue to feel the tingling and burning in the genital area during that time. It's not a defect in your immune system but unfortunately the first outbreak is bad. Like you I thought that type one would be less aggressive but it's a new infection and your immune system is adjusting to it. I would recommend symptomatic relief, cotton clothing, keeping the area dry and clean. Are you having a new skin lesions? 

Don't worry you'll feel better just give it some time. Try to stay healthy and well hydrated. Sleep very well. Take daily vitamins and Lysine to augment your immune system. 

Get well soon 

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Hey. I feel for you and encourage you to have your doctors test you for skin disorders such as lichen simplex chronicus, and lichen Planus because they are skin disorders that directly mimic herpes and when your lesions don’t respond to typical treatments MAKE THE DOCTORS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  They will pump you full of valtrex and if there’s something else going on valtrex won’t help.   These doctors are very ignorant when it comes to hsv the linked disorders the virus causes you to have .  Doctors are dropping the ball left and right with not helping patients at all 

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Thank you, both.  No new skin lesions... it's the same spots each time. And it seems like, after the initial outbreak, they never really fully form and burst open and heal.  I'll be patient, but I'll also ask the doc to be more vigilant. Thank you, both. 

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