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HSV 1 scary second outbreak

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Okay, so I was diagnosed with HSV1 in my genital area back in April if I’m not mistaken.  I did not take this very well at all.  I was also in excruciating pain! I couldn’t move and had severe flu like symptoms. 


Well I think I’m having my second outbreak. The part that worries me is that it’s very very uncomfortable... again!  I was told the second out break wouldn’t be as bad if not even noticeable. which, it’s not 100% as bad but it’s still pretty rough. Also, I researched over and over and everything said that HSV1 in the genital area rarely occurs more than once a year so it scares me that I’m having a second one.  When I got tested back in april, HSV2 was negative.  The internet of course scares me into thinking I’ve contracted HSV2 for the simple fact that everyone says you don’t really have a second outbreak of type 1! Another question I have is can you have flu like symptoms with a second out break?? Help!!!  



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Hsv1 doesn’t usually breakout as often but it doesn’t mean it won’t ever breakout again. If you’re afraid of HSV2 then go and get retested. Everyone is different, outbreaks are caused by so many different factors, physical stress, emotional stress, other illnesses- even colds. 

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I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 in April this year as well. And I’m also having my second OB. Like the previous person said, HSV1 reoccurring OB aren’t as often as HSV2 but you still can get them. I did not have an OB for 6months after my initial OB. The reason I had this one is because I was insanely stressed out this month. 

I definitely understand this sucks. Mine is not 100% as bad the second time around either but it’s annoying. I’m still mentally coping but since stress can trigger this, what works for me is taking deep breaths when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Also taking baths in epsom salt works ( relaxing and helps the sores ). 

Remembering the OB will heal but it feeds on stress. So try you best ( I know it’s hard) to calm down. Your body is doing the best it can to fight the virus off but you have to help it. Hope you have a speedy recovery 😊

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