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  1. I used to be someone that shaved daily or every other day. Noticed that it tends to irritate my genitals and potentially triggers outbreaks for me- i shave once a week or every other week now and know that the day of I will experience some irritation, for me coconut oil tends to be soothing for me and I apply generously on my vulva. I use a separate razor for my genitals and the same razor for my armpits and legs. It’s hard to get used to not being bald down there all the time but for me it’s more comfortable to not shave daily- trial and error and you will find what works for you. Outbreaks will heal if shaving causes one and you’ll figure out how often and what works for you!
  2. PCR test with a swab and confirmed by a blood test- both were positive
  3. I haven’t been formally diagnosed with herpes esophagitis
  4. If you touched your genitals and immediately then your mouth or someone else’s genitals and immediately then your mouth it could spread that way- It can’t travel within/inside your body up to your throat. I had actual sores inside my throat- the only way to know for sure is it have your throat swabbed- you could also just be sick with a random virus or strep throat in addition to an outbreak. Best advice is to go to your medical practioner for evaluation.
  5. I think my oral symptoms have slowed down- not as bothersome. I tested negative for hsv1. My genital outbreaks are once a month on suppressive therapy.
  6. I’m getting canker sores more often than normal but not like the initial outbreak. It was more throat discomfort and red bumps on my throat than anything. It happened with every genital outbreak- throat symptoms would should up a day or so after the genital symptoms, which I was having outbreak after outbreak until I switched to Valacyclovir but I’m still having outbreaks monthly around my period.
  7. Exactly what I have experienced. All doctors have been skeptical but no one swabbed me. My obgyn finally seemed to believe me when I told her at my annual last week. Other than take antivirals- I haven’t found much relief- it’s seems to be getting much better as time goes on- I was diagnosed 6 months ago with genital hsv2 but tested negative for hsv1 and haven’t ever gotten cold sores.
  8. So sorry you’re dealing with this. I had a secondary outbreak right after the first and pretty consistently after that. Try coconut oil or jojoba oil on your vulva- some types of oil work better for people than others sometimes it’s trial and error to figure out what feels best for you. For ongoing sores I mixed jojoba oil with peppermint, tea tree and lavender essential oils and put it on the sores- has a numbing/cooling effect and brought relief from pain and itching for me. I started on lysine. I continue to have nerve pain during outbreaks and some times in between but it’s not as bad as it was in the beginning. I’ve heard that magnesium supplements can help also. Ice and laying in front of a fan helped with sores too. I was diagnosed in early September so it’s been about 6 months. It’s definitely better than it was in the beginning. I’m chrrently on 1 gram of valtrex per day because I was having non stop outbreaks. I’m hoping about after one year of having herpes I’ll be able to wean off medication. I have heard that after the primary outbreak it might be better to try to not take suppressive medication (daily) because it can prevent the body from forming antibodies against the virus, and some people take it only when they are having outbreaks, or not at all. You can talk to your doctor and decide what is best for you. For me to be able to function and not be in constant discomfort I made the decision to take suppressive medication for now. I hope you experience relief soon!
  9. Skin to skin contact with someone that has herpes. Typically near mucous membranes- mouth and genitals but can also effect anus, nose, and eyes or an open sore or cut. It doesn’t matter the sex of whom you’re in contact with. Typically easier for men to give to women because sex organs are internal and male are external but still possible from male to male.
  10. i get it in my groin and down the back of my legs randomly
  11. I may have to look into acupuncture. Thank you!
  12. I’m the lucky 1-2% with hsv2 of the throat, and now apparently around the outside of my mouth. I have genital hsv2 as well and an area affected on my right shin- all infections happened at the same time. I have not tried abreva but they advertise on their website that’s its meant for hsv1. My outbreaks have been constant- on acyclovir initially and then valtrex ongoing. I’ve seen infectious disease, a dermatologist, my primary care physician, a integrative medicine physicians assistant, and my OBgyn.
  13. Does any one have oral hsv2 and develop sores on the outside of their mouths? If so, do you use abreva on the effected area?
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted to share that 4 months post hsv2 diagnosis my boyfriend has asked me to move in with him! After the ups and downs of dealing with my diagnosis- finding out he was positive and dealing with ongoing outbreaks. I am so so happy. Just wanted to share with everyone! Happy New Year and wishing you all Health and happiness in the year to come! Elle
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