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  1. i get it in my groin and down the back of my legs randomly
  2. Elle27

    Oral hsv2

    I may have to look into acupuncture. Thank you!
  3. Elle27

    Oral hsv2

    I’m the lucky 1-2% with hsv2 of the throat, and now apparently around the outside of my mouth. I have genital hsv2 as well and an area affected on my right shin- all infections happened at the same time. I have not tried abreva but they advertise on their website that’s its meant for hsv1. My outbreaks have been constant- on acyclovir initially and then valtrex ongoing. I’ve seen infectious disease, a dermatologist, my primary care physician, a integrative medicine physicians assistant, and my OBgyn.
  4. Elle27

    Oral hsv2

    Does any one have oral hsv2 and develop sores on the outside of their mouths? If so, do you use abreva on the effected area?
  5. Elle27

    Good news

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share that 4 months post hsv2 diagnosis my boyfriend has asked me to move in with him! After the ups and downs of dealing with my diagnosis- finding out he was positive and dealing with ongoing outbreaks. I am so so happy. Just wanted to share with everyone! Happy New Year and wishing you all Health and happiness in the year to come! Elle
  6. Elle27

    Valtrex vs Generic

    I think everyone is different, you could take it all the time and monitor for hair loss to see if it effects you or not. I think name brand and generic are not any different from each other- other than cost.
  7. So glad you are feeling better!
  8. Elle27

    Anyone have HSV2 on mouth?

    Scratchy throat, like something’s stuck in it but not like strep throat. It doesn’t hurt to eat or swallow. Just uncomfortable. My tongue and face also have prodromal symptoms. I have red splotches and blisters on the back of my throat and initially had them on my cheeks/tongue too which Appeared more like canker sores.
  9. Elle27

    Herpes and vaginal balance

    I’ve noticed that I am too, more dry overall which causes some discomfort, take your time with foreplay and use lots and lots of water based lube. I think over time it will hopefully improve.
  10. Elle27

    HSV 2 back to back outbreaks

    Hi Sadie, I’m in the same spot. I got diagnosed 3 months ago and had back to back outbreaks, it would heal and then two days later I had new sores. I tried all of the natural supplements but gave into taking medications. I took Acyclovir 5x/day at 400 mg for 30 days but just switched to Valacyclovir 1 Gram per day for regular maintainence or 2 grams per day during outbreaks. I had one outbreak while on acyclovir- no sores but extreme itchiness and burning, swelling of my vulva, but went away after a week. My plan is to take Valacyclovir for a year and then see where I am at.
  11. I had some urinary retention during my first outbreak, I would have to lean forward on the toilet to press down on my bladder, I had trouble initiating and then continuing through out- a lot of starting and stopping and pushing. It lasted probably 2-3 weeks and subsided when my swelling and inflammation went down. I got diagnosed 3 months ago and haven’t had this issue since- and I’ve had frequent outbreaks. I hope you feel better soon. I think it’s more common during the first outbreak and typically subsides with subsequent outbreaks.
  12. Elle27

    Anyone have HSV2 on mouth?

    I have HSV 2 inside of my mouth and throat from oral sex with my boyfriend- he didn’t know he had herpes and did not have symptoms. It is possible. It’s possible to get it and to never have oral symptoms. It just depends on the persons immune system etc
  13. Elle27


    Hi Jason, I have HSV 2 orally and genitally. I was diagnosed on 9/11/2018. I was feeling the same feelings when I was diagnosed and just 3 months later I am coping with the diagnosis much better. You will get through this! We are here for you and this is a great place to look to for support.
  14. Elle27

    CBD oil?

    I don’t know about it’s effects on my outbreaks yet but I use it for other benefits as well including joint pain, sleep, and stress. I’m hoping it has positive results with herpes outbreaks as well!
  15. Elle27

    Is this herpes?

    If it’s a picture of your genitals you aren’t able to post that on this forum- probably why no one has responded- we can’t see the picture. Best bet is to go to a doctor and get tested. No one on here is able to give diagnosis.