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  1. Elle27

    CBD oil?

    I don’t know about it’s effects on my outbreaks yet but I use it for other benefits as well including joint pain, sleep, and stress. I’m hoping it has positive results with herpes outbreaks as well!
  2. Elle27

    Is this herpes?

    If it’s a picture of your genitals you aren’t able to post that on this forum- probably why no one has responded- we can’t see the picture. Best bet is to go to a doctor and get tested. No one on here is able to give diagnosis.
  3. I had finally got my acne under control related to some bacteria issues I was having in my gut, when I got diagnosed with HSV2 and had my first outbreak my skin freaked out again, acne all over and body acne reappeared again. Trying to continue cutting out dairy and gluten as I know it affects me greatly. Also making sure to wash my face frequently- I use “the ordinary” products- alternate their salicylic acid, niacimide, and squalane products with hylauranic acid and Marula oil every other day. Each product is only $5-7 and last about 3-4 months. I use cetaphil for face wash. My skin is also very very dry in the winter so I’ve been using jojoba oil on my face at night. If your skin is dry it tries to over produce oil to make up for the dryness which in turn can cause acne.
  4. Elle27

    Important spreading question

    All research says herpes virus dies within seconds of being on a non-skin surface. You will not give your niece herpes through a wash cloth or any non-skin contact.
  5. Elle27

    Herpes Whitlow

    I have not knowingly passed it to any other areas of my body or my partner or anyone I come in contact with. I just kept my leg covered - either with clothing or a bandaid - until it was healed and made sure to wash my hands frequently.
  6. My oral Hsv2 does not look like the google pictures. I don’t get sores outside of my mouth, only cankor sores on my cheeks and blisters and patches on the far back of my throat, one cankor sore on the roof of my mouth, and a small cankor sore on my tongue at times. My boyfriend has a strong immune system and has never gotten outbreaks. My boyfriend does has dry lips but he just has super sensitive skin in general. It could be but it doesn’t necessarily sound like it. They can’t do skin tests without an active blister.
  7. Elle27

    HSV2 spreading?

    I had a cut from shaving, I must have touched a sore on my genitals before I knew I was having my initial outbreak and then touched the cut on my shin
  8. Elle27

    Is this herpes? Wtf!

    My acne has been worse since I was diagnosed with hsV2, my face has bumps all over but I think it’s due to the stress of dealing with it. Best option would be to go to the doctor to get it swabbed. hope it clears up soon
  9. Elle27

    HSV2 spreading?

    I have a spot on my shin that flared up during my initial outbreak, three months later it’s almost healed up. Feeling for you on having it on your face. So sorry you’re dealing with that. Now that I know I have it, I’m trying to be more careful about spreading it some where else. Lots of hand washing with soap and water.
  10. Elle27


    He should be fine, try not to worry too much.
  11. Elle27


    It’s unlikely, virus typically dies off quickly when not on human skin. Unless it was directly on your lips and then directly onto his, he should be fine. Same reason you can’t acquire herpes from toilet seats.. requires skin to skin contact
  12. It’s not as likely since you both have genital but it is still possible. I have oral and genital HSV2 from my current partner. We engage in oral sex, as far as we know it hasn’t spread to his mouth/face. You can have oral sex but know that there is a risk.
  13. Elle27

    Herpes Whitlow

    During my intital outbreak I had an outbreak on my shin, I had a cut from shaving that was itchy and must have touched a sore before I knew I had hsv2 and spread it to my shin on my right leg.
  14. Elle27


    I asked my boyfriend to get tested so he could make an informed decision about how to move forward, mostly with how careful to be during sex in the future. He was hesitant because he wanted to just assume that he had it and gave it to me, he finally went to the Dr. and they ordered labs but then he waited 30 days to go back to have the labs done. He finally had them done and tested positive for HSV2 and it brought a sense of relief for myself. He feels fine with the results either way but he’s glad that he knows his status now. He went to a university clinic so the testing was very inexpensive.