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Question ... might be weird lol

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Ok so I started dating my new boyfriend around five months ago . It’s beeb about two months now since we first had sex . We both we to our doctors and aske for all std testing all cane back negitive . Three days after I know something was wrong which really pisses me off consider I’ve only been with two other guys my ex boyfriends it anyways turns out std testing doesn’t usually included herpes and he had no idea he had it. He never had an outbreak but I did three days after. Anyways I was on my period so we did anal. Since this we have kind of been on a break we’re still talking and I know he didn’t know but I’m not sure if I can not resent him for it . I already had a second outbreak . My real question is all my sores which are painful have been around my anus .so I was thinking if we did resume our relationship so I want to risk getting sore around my vaginal .it already sucks that I’ve gotten it twice now around my anus or is that just a fluke . Even if I don’t resume out relationship. An I bet them in my vagina?

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Hi, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with HSV 2.  I was having outbreaks off and on 2 months before I got officially diagnosed.  It was localized around my vaginal area where my partner and I had been having sex.  I didn't have an outbreak when I first went in to get tested.  I assumed, like you, that herpes was included with all the STI testing.  It was a shock when I went back in to the doctors (this time with an outbreak) and was visually diagnosed.  So I feel you.

Outbreaks can occur anywhere on the vulva.  However, since you guys were doing anal it makes sense that it's localized to that area currently.  I would suggest going in to get medication from your doctor.  That will help with the pain and getting rid of the blistering.  I always know when I'm about to get an outbreak with a "tingling" feeling on the back of my thighs and up my butt, if you start taking the medication, it can help prevent any painful blistering.

Let me know if you have any other questions.  You're not alone in this.     

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