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Is it true that swabs can sometimes be inaccurate if taken after first 48 hrs of sores developing? Is it worth me getting a blood test to be certain?

Is it true that hsv1 is only minimally contagious outside of a visible outbreak? With protection and anti virals what are the stats lowered to?

Also..what's the situation with oral sex and touch (intimate) etc between a ghsv1 female and possibly neg male? Can that still be done? What precautions need to be taken?

Any help appreciated!

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Hi Riseandfall

I believe swab tests are the most accurate but not sure if they have to be done in first 48 hrs & you definitely can not get a blood test to be certain as blood tests are inaccurate!

HSV1 is contagious outside of an outbreak when you are shedding & although you can learn to read your body, you can never know for certain when you are.

If you are giving oral to your negative guy, he will be safe as you have GHSV1 but if he is giving you oral, he can contract oral HSV1.
Also if he was touching you in your genital area & touched himself genitally or orally it is possible he could contract it but it will only live for about 10 seconds away from the most areas it likes to live (genitals & mouth).
& if he touched you & he had cuts on fingers that would increase chances. It is also possible for him to get "Whitlow" that gives you a sore on your finger.

Hope that helps!


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