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Herpes confusion

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Living in Korea and just found out my partner as HSV. He has never had any sores or symptoms before and he's been sexually active for about 13 years. I have HSV1 strain since I was young and only get a cold sore when I'm really sick or get too much sun. As I've aged, I get them way less frequently. We've yet to sleep together because were awaiting our STD test results so I have a few questions. I'm clean, but he was diagnosed with HSV.

1. The doctor specifically told him that it is only contagious if he has sores. Everything I've researched says it's still possible to transfer even if there are no sores. Should I believe the doctor or the Internet?

2. I have performed oral on him before our test results, does that mean I am infected now too? I read that it can be transferred this way as well.

3. Since I'm predisposed to the virus (from having HSV1) does this mean I have more chances of breaking out since I have performed oral on him?

4. If I am infected after giving him oral, does this mean I need to stop sharing drinks and chapstick etc with all future people?

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to contract or spread this disease! Thanks in advance. 


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Yes you can still shed the virus even without any visable outbreaks and this goes for hsv1 and hsv2.

This is why a lot of people end up passing the virus on without knowing that they carry the virus as they don't have any outbreaks or their outbreaks are very mild to not notice.

Does your partner have hsv1 or hsv2?

If you have hsv1 and perform oral sex there is a chance you could pass on the virus to cause genital herpes.

Because you have hsv1 already your body would have created anti bodies so you have very little chance getting hsv2 aswel especially as you have had it for such a long time.

I have hsv2 and my bf of over 4 months hasn't got the virus but he accepted what I have when I disclosed and we have sex mostly every other day including oral sex and he hasn't experienced and symptoms but I am on suppressive therapy which I think really helps.

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