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  1. I have had hsv2 for nearly two years and been on suppressive therapy,two acyclivor tablets a day one in morning one in the evening. I have been with my bf coming up to a year. It was his choice to not use condoms after a while and he has never caught it and I haven't experienced an outbreak whilst being on the tablets. Keeps my mind at ease
  2. Hi all,I have had hsv2 for 2 years in March. I am on suppressive therapy & I can confidently say that I haven't had an outbreak since being on it. I met a guy who hasn't got hsv and it will be coming u0 to a year very soon. I was open about it before becoming intimate with him & it hasn't made a difference to our relationship in the slightest whether I have hsv or not. It was also his decision after a while to not use condoms (I'm on the contraceptive pill) we have a very healthy sex life with lots of oral sex and he hasn't been passed the virus at all. Don't know how I would feel to come off acyclivor but for me suppressive therapy has helped hugely with taking away worries and anxiety of transmitting it and experiencing a painful outbreak. Hope this helps!
  3. @No More Tears D to be honest he doesn't sound like the right guy for you. The right person wouldn't make comments like that and be so unsensitive. You deserve better. I really wouldn't put stress on yourself. It's life and theres nothing you can do about it. Everyone including myself has their bad days about having this but then other days you just get on with it as we just don't have a choice and doesn't matter how much stress we put on ourselves or tears as it won't change it apart from make you feel emotional drained and exhausted. I'm not ashamed of having herpes, yes I get embarressed when I disclosed as it takes a lot of courage but at the end of the day I was passed it on through somebody who knowingly gave it to me with an active outbreak so for me why should I feel to blame. With him having sex and on top unprotected then it makes him just within a chance of getting herpes from anyone even if you wasn't on the scene. I have opened up to my mum and friends about it. If friends arn't very supportive and judgemental then you have to ask yourself are they really friends? One of my friends has always suffered with cold sores, and I have never looked at her any differently from my friends that don't. Xx
  4. Why should you feel all to blame and put so much stress on yourself anyway..he is an adult whether it be casual sex or a relationship it doesn't matter. He has his own responsibility of using a condom so he is putting himself at risk whether it be with you or anyone else. If it is just casual sex,that could mean that he could be also sleeping with someone else as he has made it clear that he doesn't want anything more but sex. So having unprotected casual sex would be putting you at just as much risk as him of you catching something else. I have always put on myself that since having herpes I feel like the risky unclean one for having this but at the same time, others you become intimate with doesn't mean they have the all clear on things and could be transferring yet something else to you. Know your worth,there really is somewhere someone who would want to commit to you and treat you with the respect that you deserve..just takes time and patience. Best of luck x
  5. Similar story for me also with a guy I met off Tinder. He lives an hour drive away so will never be bumping into him again but at the same time feel as though he just got let off the hook lightly by just passing this to me and walking away. I have always taken my health seriously,yes on rare occasions had unprotected sex (not one night stands) but always went to clinics to make sure I have the all clear before sleeping with someone and always have been open with discussions on whether the guy is too but I learnt the hard way when this guy said he had the all clear when it came down to us being intimate and reassured me that it would be fine to not wear a condom (all week he had been having is first outbreak the whole time but still decided to do this to me) I feel soo stupid,it was the worst painful sex I have ever had and what for..to be given this for the rest of my life from a guy who couldn't care less and theres no going back but just to keep swallowing those tablets everyday in hope of living my life as pain free as before. This is the worst thing to ever happen to me and because of this always being an issue with outbreaks it will be something herpes will never let me forget.
  6. I had follocilitus or however you spell it before christmas and it was awful persistant itching that I could of itched myself raw. I thought it was another outbreak as it was all over my genitals,went to the clinic and she said she couldn't see any herpes sores but never thought to point out what the sores were. So I booked into see my doctor and by the time I got an appt it had spread down the tops of my legs. I was prescribed anti biotics to clear it and thankfully it worked. I must of got it from using a blunt razor It is so easy and confusing to mistake something like this also with a herpes outbreak even though for you it was the other way round. Any itch down there just makes me fe extremely paranoid at times as you just automatically assume its down to herpes. Glad for you that you got it sorted in the end even though being diagnosed with this isn't what we want to hear.
  7. Thank you for sharing..I see a lot of peoples posts of people that have had it for a few years but not long enough to give some really good advice on if the outbreaks really do get better. I'm beginning to think this anti body thing is a load of rubbish. Why would you keep getting outbreaks even that long with it being in your system and your body still can't fight off the sores from forming. I totally agree, I feel like medical staff don't understand the severity of it. If only they could experience the pain and the toll it takes over your life so them then to take it more seriously. One guy who couldn't take his health seriously has affected the rest of my life and he gets to walk freely without any conscience.
  8. Sorry to hear what you've gone through. I have had hsv2 for a year now, although suppressive therapy lets me live my life to near as normal as I can except taking two tablets everyday for the rest of my life till they find a cure, I can never go a day without thinking of what I have. I got given it by a guy who was having symptoms but wasn't honest with me and pressured me into him not wearing a condom, I never saw him again, he didn't care for me and now I have to live with this for the rest of my life. The worst thing for me about having herpes is the fact that for the rest of your life you suffer with outbreaks so it is a constant reminder and that theres a risk of passing it to someone and putting their life through hell and having to live with yourself even though you disclosed and they were made aware it still wouldn't make me feel better. If it was like chicken pox where your not bothered by it but it remains in your system then I can live with that but its not,its regular outbreaks. I read that people who have had it for 20 plus years still get outbreaks so to me this antibody stuff is a load of crap if your body still can't fight an outbreak coming on when you have had it for that long.
  9. I would go to the sexual health clinic or speak to your doctor to see what they would suggest. I guess it makes sense if you feel you are getting the outbreaks since going on this new pill..maybe its down to hormones as they say having your period could trigger an outbreak.
  10. @Amando I know what your saying but I would much rather have Chlamydia than herpes..take anti biotics and then it's dons where as herpes it haunts you for life,it never goes away and you have to disclose to every person that you become intimate with. I agree they should educate everyone,as for me at school they were always just concerned about pregnancy. I even suggested at the clinic to have a poster up to make people aware that the full std test do not cover herpes but they refused so they help make the stigma worse by not opening up about the subject.
  11. I am very open about having hsv2. Close family and friends know and a work colleague. Stds are a part of life..its just one of these things. Its taught me not to judge as lets face it nesrly everyone has had sex at some stage in their life so theres always a risk of them getting something. Keep your head held up high. I know its heartbreaking when you get rejected over something you have no control of. If anyone asked me if I had anything I am very open about it.
  12. Yes me and my partner have lots of oral sex and everythings been fine.
  13. I have been with my bf for 5 months and we have sex most days than not. It was his choice to not where condoms after our first few times. I even recently brought the subject back up so he knows the risks and it doesn't bother him. I'm on suppressive therapy and will never want to come off it until there is ever a cure.
  14. I was diagnosed with hsv2 over a year ago and I too put a post on here sharing my experience of how it is to have genital herpes in the UK with how they don't test for it,its shocking. The clinic then themselves help the stigma become worse because they are not educating people enough. I never knew about herpes until I caught it and I too was one of many people that would do the right thing to go in and get checked and then just presume that you are having the full std check and when it comes back negative then you are completely clear of everything but its not the case. They don't support you and just leave you to deal with it on your own. The lady who swabbed my outbreak actually said with a massive smile on her face that its herpes like I should of wrapped my arms around her happily like I had won the lottery...such a bizarre reaction to give someone. She didn't seem sympathetic at all. I am on suppressive therapy as personally for me after the awful experience of how I was given it is way too much on my mental health or keep being reminded even more when I have an outbreak I want to try and live a worried free life as much as possible but I feel my choice to stay on suppressive therapy hasn't been very supportive as the sexual health clinic professionals don't want you to stay on it so I have had such a difficult stressful time fighting to stay on the acyclivor. I am left feeling alone as no body else I know has outbreaks and I am very open with close people about it. Genital herpes is a big deal, no matter how positive you are about it. It has caused a lot to my life and with no cure.
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