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  1. Personally I think if that dosage is working for you then probably no need to increase it. I live in the UK and the recommended suppressive dosage with acyclovir is 400mg tablet twice daily and that's what I've been on and it has given me no problems and works perfect
  2. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. They do say the first year is the highest for outbreaks and it does get easier. For me after experiencing two painful outbreaks I went on to suppressive therapy and it has worked for me. I don't take lysine, or any vitamin supplement as I eat in moderation and think why should I have to suddenly change everything in life because of this when I don't need to. I don't smoke and I rarely drink but enjoy a good night out when I do. Hopefully within time things will settle. I am female and I apply a thin layer of vaseline aloe after I shave to help keep my skin as healthy as possible or for most of the time before I have sex just to prevent my skin getting damaged to avoid an outbreak and for me it works and I have had hsv2 now for a year. Best of luck,Hope you find what works for you. Also I suffered from itchy skin for about 3 months all over my body and realised that it was down to the shower gel I started using had fragrance in so I have swapped back to sanex or simple that doesn't have perfume or any agravating stuff in for the skin and my doctor advised oiltum cream and that has been really good and you can also wash with the cream to and then rinse it off.
  3. I have had hsv2 for a year and had two painful outbreaks at the beginning. I then went on to start suppressive therapy of acyclivor 400mg twice a day and haven't looked back. For me they are a god send and prevent me from getting outbreaks.
  4. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. One thing that may be good to hear is that getting hsv1 in genitals isn't all that bad as they say your outbreaks are only about once a year on average if that compared to if you had hsv2 like I have that is more prone to multiple outbreaks each year that do decrease in time generally. Giving it time does help. I am guessing your husband has hsv1? Maybe he doesn't feel its a big deal as it doesn't bother him and prob has very few if any outbreaks. For me I think a bit of table salt on the blister helped draw the stuff out and dry it out,helping it to heal faster. After a bath or shower to use a hairdryer on a cool setting if its too painful to dry using a towel. Try to air out as much as possible i.e no bottoms in bed to help get air to it to heal and cause less clothes friction. If it burns when going for a wee,pour warm water down to lessen the pain, pain medication and herpes meds help. Hope this helps x
  5. I am on suppressive therapy after two very painful outbreaks and its the best thing ever for me. Gave me hope that apart from taking two tablets daily and disclosing that I can continue to carry on living the life I had prior. I am a complete worrier so preventing outbreaks has calmed me so much and I have never had any side effects.
  6. @mr_hopp I am a year into having hsv2 and experienced two outbreaks and went on to suppressive therapy..If I am on suppressive therapy is my body still developing immunity and building anti bodies to fight the virus if I was to ever in the future come off daily tablets or does your body only build it and fight it quicker if you are not on daily medication? I have got to keep remembering that my grandparents are child hood sweethearts and my nan has suffered all her life with cold sores and not once has my grandad showed any signs of it being passed on to him. I also confided in my friend who mentioned that her husband gets cold sores and she has even kissed him when he had sores and hasn't come down with them. I think it's just the worry of the unknown as each person reacts differently.
  7. Yes you can still shed the virus even without any visable outbreaks and this goes for hsv1 and hsv2. This is why a lot of people end up passing the virus on without knowing that they carry the virus as they don't have any outbreaks or their outbreaks are very mild to not notice. Does your partner have hsv1 or hsv2? If you have hsv1 and perform oral sex there is a chance you could pass on the virus to cause genital herpes. Because you have hsv1 already your body would have created anti bodies so you have very little chance getting hsv2 aswel especially as you have had it for such a long time. I have hsv2 and my bf of over 4 months hasn't got the virus but he accepted what I have when I disclosed and we have sex mostly every other day including oral sex and he hasn't experienced and symptoms but I am on suppressive therapy which I think really helps.
  8. Really feel for you. It will be devastating to have to end your relationship because of something you have no control of but can understand why you feel the way you do as I feel like a risk everytime by bf has sex with me and I would be devastated if he caught it. I am on suppressive therapy and its a god send,I do not get any outbreaks even with being on the pill and having lots of intimacy but before I went on it at the beginning the two outbreaks I did have one after the other the pain was unbearable. If I was you I would book an appointment to speak with the doctor or even better a health advisor at the sexual health clinic and maybe they could put you on a stronger dose of suppressive therapy but also easy said then done but if you are really stressing about passing it to him then like you said it isn't helping. For your sake you need to be kinder to yourself and know it wasn't your fault and especially as it doesn't seem to bother him when he gets outbreaks then that should make it easier.
  9. I didn't think you could get hsv in semen as its not transferred through fluids but is a skin to skin contact that gets through the mucus membranes or any little cut in the skin.
  10. @No More Tears D I agree with the other person that the herpes virus reacts differently to each person. But for me (and this is in no way over exagerating as I have a very good pain threshold and have given birth naturally with my choice to not take any pain relief during labour) and the first outbreak was unbearable,worse than labour and the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. The guy that passed it to me was going through his first outbreak which I didn't know at the time. Within a few days the soreness I felt down there started to get worse and within a week I went right down hill,really bad flu, couldn't walk,sit,even laying down was agonizing,I had to be signed off work,couldn't look after my son let alone myself as I was in too much pain to even go up and down the stairs. I ached all over and my body was sensitive to touch,my mum came over and just slowly walking down stairs in pain to answer the door I fainted and was out for a while and my mum luckily caught me. Pain relief didn't help the pain and then I got a cluster of blisters on the outer side down below then the second outbreak came just as I had thought I recovered from the first and this time on the inside of my labia and I cried,it was just as painful especially going to the toilet. The pain was too much for me to take any more so I went on suppressive therapy and will be on it for all my life..my choice.
  11. I think you are best talking to a professional about this like a health care advisor/doctor and they could give you some really helpful advice regarding this but the answer is of course you can still have a baby if you have the herpes virus but you need to discuss this with a medical professional. Best of luck!
  12. You CAN still have a vaginal delivery if you have hsv2 the same as you CAN have unprotected sex aslong as you disclose and partner knows the risks. I think you may have read slightly wrong. The doctors recommend if you are diagnosed with herpes in the first year that you get pregnant then it is safer to have a cersarian due to outbreaks are the highest chance in the first year of diagnosis but you can also control the outbreaks with acyclivor which is safe to take still even when pregnant.
  13. I have met such a lovely caring person who I have been in a relationship with for over 4 months. I disclosed to him after a few dates as I felt it was a good opportunity to be able to be open with him and to not be worrying myself any longer about holding what feels like a big black cloud over my head. He was fine with it, it didn't seem to bother him one bit,I asked him if he had any questions which he replied no. In fear of getting rejected I disclosed by saying that I was unfortunate that a guy who was aware he was having some sort of symptoms wasn't honest with me and passed onto me the same virus similar to chicken pox except instead of a cold sore on my lip I could get them down there" and went on to say I am on medication and since haven't had an outbreak and if I did feel a blister coming on then we just won't have sex during that time as I will do everything I can to keep you safe,it really isn't a big deal. I feel I made it sound less scary and sugar coated over as if I was in a way selling something that was shit but making someone believe that its not when in actual fact deep down it is a big deal to me, the facts are I have an incurable STD for LIFE, HSV2 is the worst one to get as the outbreaks average at 4-5 per year as per studies on google which is a lot of painful outbreaks that would get in the way of my life prior to herpes. I have to take 2 tablets each day around the same time for as long as I can because I am terrified of experiecing another outbreak and the painful reminder from how I got it even though taking tablets everyday reminds me of it and I will have to go to the health centre twice a year now to be prescribed the suppressive therapy for it when my life is already stretched being a single mum and juggling a job too. This evening as I got a new pack of acyclivor out to take one for ,I said to my bf who came over that I want to cry every time I take a tablet as its just a horrible reminder of that guy who gave me this. He seemed confused and I said you know what I talked about to you what he gave me (without using the terrifying words genital herpes that I have avoided to say) and he replied yes I know but never asked any more questions and that was the end of that. I should be somewhat happy that he accepts it and doesn't seem bothered or questions me and don't get outbreaks whilst on this daily med apart from the rare tingling sometimes like a blister is trying to surface but deep down I'm not..its been a year and yes with more time I am dealing with this so much better as I am not reminded by painful outbreaks but at the same time I am left angry and upset about it deep down,I'm devastated. I don't want to put my bf off me by bringing how I feel up as don't want to risk losing him but also I want him to ask questions so that he knows its not something really I feel should just be ignored as I would be soo terrified for him to catch it even though I have been honest upfront about it all.
  14. Even if you don't suffer with the herpes virus sex can make you sore after. It is completely normal due to the friction of skin to skin contact. Oral sex helps you to not get sore after rather than going straight into full sex. As I shave I do use a thin layer of aloe vaseline as and when to help keep my skin healthy and moisterised since having hsv2 as I want to keep that area as healthy as I can to avoid any damage to the skin that can lead to an outbreak.
  15. @Lacey I totally agree with you that the first outbreak was by far for me more painful than childbirth. I remember clear as day I was in horrendous pain for well over a month with my first outbreak and my second outbreak for me was just as painful as the second time I had blisters on the inside of my labia so I cried and trembled every time I needed to go for a wee as it litrelly felt like boiling hot water being poured over me. I couldn't take the risk of being in so much pain again after that so went on suppressive therapy and haven't looked back. It's been just slightly over a year since the guy carelessly knowingly gave it to me.
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