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Second OB? Your experience?

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So I have just been diagnosed with herpes in March of this year. After a very painful & itchy primary outbreak I honestly thought after months of not suffering from another, I was one of the lucky few who wouldn’t suffer another..... well fast forward to today. I just woke up and I am feeling particularly itching, go down to inspect & I find two large bumps.... signs of another OB!? 

How do people combat the itchy-ness & dryness naturally? I am also worried about when these will turn into lesions. As I have a very active job... but maybe I just have two large lumps. Idk I’m still trying to figure this out.

what have been your recurring outbreak symptoms, remedies & overall experience? 

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I use immune boosting tinctures. Avoid stress. Healthy diet. Valacyclovir (not "natural" but does the trick and saves you emotionally and mentally).

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