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  1. I know it's a wildly broad question, but I'm genuinely interested in seeing responses, especially how common it is for men to be able to look back and see this a minor footnote. I ask because my physical symptoms are very manageable, but the mental torment is very, very difficult to contend with. Not even half a year in. Many thanks and best wishes to all.
  2. I don't have personal experience with this myself, but it is a significant concern since my partner and I want to have a child down the line. The overwhelming evidence suggests that you are all good for a vaginal birth as long as you don't have an outbreak at the time of delivery. Those most at risk are women who contract the virus in the third trimester. The doctor may advise putting you on suppressive therapy 30-something weeks in (forgot the exact number). Bottom line: the odds of transmitting to the child are extremely slim and, frankly, even though this might cause some merited anxiety, you actually have a leg up here, being aware of the condition when so many others have no idea.
  3. Hi there, Somewhat new to this. HSV2+. Thanks in advance. Wondering: 1. If there is irritation or slight pain post sex or masturbation, is that indicative of an outbreak or discomfort that is supposed to be expected? 2. Pursuant to the above, is it possible to have "little", almost undetectable outbreaks very regularly? I tend to feel a pang or something minor that lasts like an hour on a daily basis, but it goes away. Should note that I am on Valtrex, which some say causes side effects that feel like prodrome. I don't feel tingling, though. 3. I am looking at, fixating on that area more than ever — to be specific, just before the head, with my foreskin pulled back — and every little change or thing tends to alarm me. For instance, there are two ulcer-looking marks that have been there for the last two months and have remain unchanged. Some other white spots, too, and I can't tell if they have always been there are or caused by the virus — and more difficult to heal because of the foreskin. 4. Does initial ulceration usually occur where the virus entered the body? I.e., if I had been wearing a condom, no way I'd have gotten sores where I did. Have found conflicting info on this. Really appreciate it and wish you all the best.
  4. Thanks so much for this. I am in an eerily similar boat — to boot, my IGG was 8ish! — but still only a month or so in. We're both supporting each other and not casting any blame. It's the psychological shit that is harder for me to contend with, but I'm hoping that it wears off with time.
  5. Her decision not to disclose before a sexual act would really get my wires crossed, given what I know now. But given what I also know now, it takes an insane amount of courage to open up about this. So, I'd agree with Victory, but only if a not insignificant amount of doubt lingers after spending *more* time together. Three dates, relatively speaking, is nothing. If you feel like there might be something there, see where it goes and then make the choice. If you don't think it's going anywhere, she'll be fine, and so will you.
  6. Male, 29, NYC. Have found this site a great resource since my HSV2 diagnosis. Thinking it might be time to actually speak to some folks going through this in my area.
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