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I've been MIA .. But all is well :)

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It's been almost 2 yrs and its been one heck of a ride !! After being diagnosed with herpes, my life got dark but I tried my best to stay positive .. Boy, was it hard . I threw myself in a life I didn't want, but found my way back about a few months ago .. After disclosing back in January, It was a little life changing .. Although, things didn't work out in the end with that person, I felt a little better . And it made me see some light .


I eventually ended up getting back with my ex-fiancé, and am happy as can be, with life in general . SHOCKER !! He accepts with what happened while we were apart, and was really with me through the entire ordeal when I broke down over it ! After all that happened between us, he didn't care and still loved me for me, and wasn't scared away .


I have been so busy caught up in life, being a mother, working and focusing on my relationship, I don't have time to even dwell on having the herpes! I have my little reminder every day when I take my suppression meds, but I forget about it a few seconds after . I've learned to accept that it's a part of my life now, and not let it get me down . Now, I'm not saying I don't have those days were I never dwell, because I do, but I try not to think about it often . Sure, if I was a little bit smarter around that time, I wouldn't have to worry about anything, but things happen ..


I'm more happy with myself now than I was before being diagnosed . I never thought I would . I'm lucky that all I ended up with was the herpes and nothing more serious, and for that I'm grateful . :) It's truly changed my life, and not for the worse .

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I love that you said it was "a little life changing." Isn't that an oxymoron? :) I'm so glad that you're happy now. And it sounds like you allowed yourself to be happy. There are some switches we can make for ourselves that allow us to live free. And it's great that you don't have time to even dwell on having herpes! That's what it's all about! Living such a full and happy life that this little skin condition is overshadowed by awesomeness that you don't even notice it anymore! That's why herpes can be the magnifying glass for us that zooms in on all those "problems" that we now get to look at and let go of. That's why I call it the herpes opportunity. It's the opportunity for us to see how we treat ourselves and make a choice to have a better relationship. And that takes practice. It takes developing more awareness in the first place. And it takes stepping out of our comfort zone and into self-acceptance. Congrats on your life changing for the better, CAS. What a great excuse for being MIA here. ;)


Stop by every now and again to pay it forward, to help others who are going through the rough time that you were going through! Spread the positivity and love!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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