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Rolling OB's and low test numbers.... help!

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post.  I am a new member.  I have lots of questions and I am feeling quite down and confused at the moment.

I contracted herpes in January 2019.  I felt the zapping and tingling sensation and then I started to feel like I was getting the flu and then the sores came.  I went to the Dr.  Now here's the thing, I live in the middle east so going to the Dr for this type of thing is tricky.  Sex outside of marriage is illegal (even tho I am not muslim) so my Dr could not swab for H as a positive test would mean that she would have to call the police.  She said that she could test for a bacterial infection just to rule that out.  It came back negative.  She said I think you have herpes based on a visual exam.  She told me not to worry about it and just to leave it alone and let it heal.

I had a friend bring me some meds from outside the country.  So started them after 2 weeks and it healed in another week but I took the meds for 2 weeks in total.  I had about 8 sores in total and felt very sick the whole time.  I was off the meds for about 3 days and it started all over again.  I took more meds and it healed again. 

I decided to take meds as a preventive as I was so upset and I was having a hard time coping.  I work in the fitness industry and it can be so difficult with an OB. 
In May I traveled for business and I saw a Dr so I could get a blood test.  Results attached.  My numbers were all very low but the Dr said that this meant I was positive but she couldn’t really give me any more details (3rd world country and not really informed).  Why are my numbers so low?  What does that mean?  Shouldn't they be higher after 5 months?

I feel really confused and it is much worse by the fact that I can't get any real medical advice.  The dr that I saw here just said don't take a preventative just take the meds when you have an outbreak but I found when I did that I was take the same amount of meds or more because I was having 1 or 2 outbreaks a month.

OB seem to come as soon as I stop taking the meds, within 7-10 days.  Something even showed up on my mouth even tho I have never had a cold sore before.

For the past 2 months I have been taking valtrex as a preventative, again.  I feel more normal and not so paranoid but I don’t really want to take pharmaceutical  every day.  I am a very healthy, strong person and it’s not like me to take meds.  It really feels like it is just keep the virus at bay….  I take it in the morning, if I forget and don't take it until the evening I get tingling.   If I miss a day I get tingling and that electric zapping feeling.  If feels like it is waiting to strike!

I am taking Lysine 2,000mg a day.  Doesn't seem to help.
I am in my 40's single and feel like I have hit a very low point in my life.  I can't imagine how this will get any better.

I just listened the phone call with Terri and she kept saying that she would swab just to be sure with low numbers that it wasn't something else.  What else could it be?  I tested negative for HIV in May but positive for HPV 6... joy.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 5.56.16 PM.png

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A few things can be going on here. Did u have sexual exposure in January a week or 2 before the sores appeared, or they just appeared. Another thing with low positives can also mean false positive but in this case I'm not so sure because u claim of the sores coming and going wich points to recent infection. The fact that you've been taking antiviral meds could of easily tampered with the antibody build up this whole time. Try not taking meds for a few weeks and retest if it's much higher then there it is. If it remains low I'd get a second opinion. Many things can cause sores other than herpes.

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Thanks Tone12, as I mentioned, I can't actually test where I live so I have to wait until I travel.

Yes I had sex a few times in the weeks prior.

The sensations keep coming but I usually take the Valtrex before anything can come back.  I only let it go to blisters once, does a bacterial infection hurt the same?  The blisters were VERY painful both times, like a sensation of razor blades cutting my skin when something touched it.

I wish it was as easy as just getting tested again...

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Are you able to do the letsgetchecked online blood test? They ship a box to you, you fill a vial and send it back , it's very discreet , do you have ups delivery around where you live? That's how I got my results since I live in Canada and it's super hard to get a bloodtest here , you could maybe even ask them to label it as a hormone test or something if you call 

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Tone12 has a good point about the antivirals impacting your results. They slow the development of antibodies so the low test results are likely due to that. Is there any way that you could manage to do a phone consultation with a professional outside of your country? Terri Warren offers those through Westover Heights clinic online. You deserve to have proper medical help with your issues, you deserve a chance at finding help and relief from your symptoms. Also what antiviral meds are you taking, what is the dosage, and will you be able to get more? Edit: Nevermind, I see you said Valtrex!

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