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Looking for positivity

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Hi everyone! 

I know so many people join this forum bc we all have been diagnosed and we are afraid and feel lost. I haven’t searched to far back in the forum but there are plenty of topics of every one feeling like their lives are over and even contemplate suicide which I have thought about. Not Necessarily  physically harming myself but thinking if I never woke up I would be fine with that. Just to not not deal with these emotions. I would like to read positive messages about moving forward, Living a fulfill sex life (maybe some sex tips) and eventually coming to terms with something we have no control of. Please leave a positive message so when people come on here looking for advice they see that this is not the end. We have to let people know that there is life after our diagnosis. I hope to see encouraging messages and positivity. ❤️

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I really do feel for the people that are diagnosed with this awful disease but just know this just a skin conditions.and with suppressive therapy you can live a natural life and live and love. there are people out here that are ok with this skin disorder and love you for you. you can even have children with this and be happy.I hope this helps.

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