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Newly diagnosed with herpes, newly single and struggling

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I'm 21 and was diagnosed with hsv2 at the start of this month. I'm having a really hard time coping. I've only been with two guys, the first one was 3 years ago and we were both virgins and slept together once, and the most recent guy I had been with for this past year. I called the guy I had been seeing right after leaving the doctors office to tell him what I'd found out and that he should maybe go to a doctor as well. He went to multiple doctors all of which just looked at him and said he was fine. Now he doesn't seem to want talk to me anymore and I'm heart broken. I really liked him, and now I feel like damaged goods forever. Looking through forums has really helped, but I can't help but doubt I'll find a guy that will love me. I feel like my hopes to get married and have kids by my 30's are over.


I'm really thankful for this site, since my diagnosis I've been on it a lot. I decided to get an account because I feel that socializing with others who also have hsv, and are emotionally healing will help me along the process as well. I just need people to talk to. I'm trying to be positive, but i'm having my second OB now and all the negative emotions came flooding back.

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Hi Alissa,


You are not damaged goods. Don't even think that way. I never felt that way. I just figured out last year that I probably have had hsv-2 since I was 19. I just had a blood test and my doctor said I probably had it since I was a teenager. I never got diagnosed until I was about 37. The guy I had been with at the time had hsv-?. I thought I got it from him.


Enough about me. You have found a great forum here. Adrial is the best! You will get lots of great advice. Trust me, you will see lots of good endings too . . . like people who have had "the talk" and the other person was okay with it.


I started this post yesterday. I hope you got other responses. I had major car trouble yesterday and had to put this on hold. Keep your chin up honey!

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