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2 years after disclosing

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Hey guys, just wanted to give anyone a piece of hope if they are feeling down. I know that 2.5 years ago I was desperate for anything positive about this stupid virus. I constantly looked up cures and treatments thinking one day when I'm cured someone will love me again. Well I am here to tell you it that love exists with or without the cure. I disclosed to the man of my dreams 4 months into our relationship. (disclosure story on here if you want to read). Here we are almost 2 years into our relationship and I am ENGAGED. I have a huge rock on my finger from the most amazing man I have ever met. He loves me so much and guess what, my HSV status hasn't affect one thing between us. If anything it made us closer. He makes me feel loved and beautiful everyday of my life. Also I would like to point out that he is still HSV negative. I just came on here to say if anyone thinks its not going to get better, you are wrong. Everyone on this plant is unique and special. We all DESERVE happiness and love. If anyone needs some encouragement, feel free to message me!

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I love to success stories. I’m 25 years old and I have had HSV 1&2 since February 2018. I found out on Valentines Day and the experience with my boyfriend wasn’t great. 

However now it’s been 2 years and I have been getting to know this guy for 3 months now. It’s not a long time and sex has not come up. I want to tell him because he’s amazing but we aren’t at that place to do that (or maybe we are). We take things slow which I appreciate because I haven’t had that in past relationships.


How did you know it was the right time to tell him at 4 months?


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@DoHope35 It’s kinda crazy when people say if you know you know. Well I just knew that this was the man I was suppose to marry and be with forever. I loved him and to me 4 months in was the time frame where nothing else mattered besides protecting him. I cared more about him than myself so I treated him as I wish I was treated. Most of us didn’t have a choice but I made sure he did. I know that doesn’t answer exactly but I just felt in my heart I couldn’t go on without telling him. 

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This was helpful @nobody555. That’s makes sense and it doesn’t have to exactly answer my question to get something out of it. You were right when you said a lot of us didn’t have a choice, and that’s why I’m so concerned because he is such an amazing man and he deserves to know and to decide. I know I will tell him it’s just when. I told him a similar situation with a friend and he was sincere so I I won’t hold it from him. 

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@DoHope35 I think you need to remember that you are amazing as well. You have so much to offer and if has been waiting patiently getting to know you, then just know he sees something amazing in you too. I truly hope he can see past this virus to the person you are. I have been protecting my boyfriend for the last 2 years. I know its scary disclosing but you CAN protect them as best as possible. Make sure that he is worthy enough to know your most inner secrets. He must be worthy of you as much as the other way around. Dont forget who you are! This virus does not define us. 

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@nobody555, I really appreciate that. Some days are harder than others but you’re right, I am amazing and have so much to offer. I know without a doubt that he deserves to know because I don’t want to hurt him when he has done nothing wrong to me. We have sincere conversations and we are able to talk like true adults. He is truly worthy of knowing all of me as I want to continue to learn about him. 

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