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Going through my first HSV-1 genital outbreak

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I was just diagnosed (and am in the midst of a NASTY PAINFUL INITIAL OUTBREAK) with HSV-1, in my genitals. 

I'm looking for others who have the same condition. I find very little information out there about disclosure and transmission- etc. 

I believe I was infected by a male partner during oral sex. However, he had no sores or symptoms. 

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  • mr_hopp changed the title to Going through my first HSV-1 genital outbreak

Hi. I’m going through the same thing. I feel like there’s not enough information out there. I’m still experiencing a burning sensation down there and my doctor can’t tell me why. It’s been like this since the initial outbreak which was a month and a half ago. I can’t live the rest of my life feeling like this. 

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I have HSV2 and my giver has never had an outbreak. My initial one was horrible and seemed to last forever - 4 weeks. Had trouble sleeping the itch and irritation was so bad but for me the worst was I had horrible constipation. I couldn't go without a laxative and then even with that and the awful stomach cramps I could only go a little bit. You never know how good it feels to be able to go on your own! Anyway I am about 3-4 weeks out from the end of my initial outbreak and things are almost back to normal physically. I do get bad itching on my butt cheeks but it goes away in a few hours. No sores or anything just itches like that deep itch that scratching won't help. For me the mental aspects are far worse. What helped me when my sores were raw and itchy was to sit in a warm tub with baking soda. Heat packs helped my back pain (I got bad pain in my lower back by my tailbone - not sure if it was due to the severe constipation or the virus starting to settle in the nerves). Motrin and Benedryl were also my friends. Hope you get through this pretty quick. Oh I forgot to mention adding a Lysine supplement to my daily regimen has helped as well. Someone in another group mentioned in and I did some research on it so I thought I would try. I think it has helped because within 24 hours of taking them my symptoms started to get better. Not sure if it actually was that or if it was time but I figure its an amino acid and it can't hurt me so may as well take it anyway. 


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Thank you thank you so much!! It helps so very much hearing your advice. I don’t feel so alone in all of this. I will definitely try the lysine. That remedy comes up a lot and I could use any help I can get. 

I am so happy I found this forum!

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