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  1. I tested positive for HSV2 on Feb. 6th. My initial outbreak was awful and lasted about 4-5 weeks. I have been pretty good until this afternoon. I think I am getting what I think is prodrome symptoms - Itchy/tingling in the spinal area right by the butt crack, and tingling on the butt cheeks. I am also really tired (although I did not get a ton of sleep last night so not sure if it is related to that). I have no sores that I can see. Do these sound like prodrome symptons? Should I double up on the Valtrex for a few days to be safe? I currently take 500mg once a day. I have been under quite a bi
  2. Did they do swabs to test? I have never had discharge but doesn't mean you can't. The discharge sounds more yeast infection like. It seems everyone has vastly different experiences. Are you taking any anti viral meds to help with breakouts? I too was always careful and was married for a long time. Got divorced and had sex with a long time friend who has also married for a ling time. Problem was he is asymptomatic and had no idea his ex gave it to him. She was not monogamous. Sad to say it seems to happen a lot. I hope you get relief soon. Hugs!
  3. I am newly diagnosed- Feb 2021- but I can sympathize with a horrible onset outbreak. Pain, itching, constipation, not wanting to wear bottoms because the rubbing was just too excruciating. It lasted like 4 weeks. Most of my physical symptoms have cleared but emotionally its been rough. I have not had another OB yet but its always in my head that I will. Anyway my symptoms seemed to subside when I added Lysine to my regimen. It is an essential amino acid that has been shown to help outbeaks in people with herpes. I heard about it on another forum and researched it before taking it. I take 1,000
  4. It took me like 4 weeks to feel better. I would have ok days but then would have another outbreak. Sucked! I had achy body but also leg pain. Itchiness was terrible. And you can't scratch because you don't want to spread it. I tired sleeping with gloves on. Awful. Good news is physical symptoms do subside!
  5. @Sarah317 I'm sorry you hit a LOW. I can totally relate to that. I would sometimes hope I would have a stroke or brain bleed in my sleep. Yeah terrible I know. I would never commit suicide but some days and nights are especially hard to get through especially when the girls are at their dad's - which is 50% of the time. I hope switching your medication timing helps. My bad thoughts just took time. I'm starting to adjust to my new normal.
  6. That is a good question. I was on 1,000 2x day for first two weeks and was seriously depressed. I figured it was diagnosis and other things. Which it probably was. I still take 500 a day sometimes twice a day for a few days if I feel like I may get another outbreak however I haven't had another one. Think I'm paranoid though and not used to reading my body's reactions yet. This is such a tricky virus to navigate in early stages I think. Everyone responds so differently!
  7. @NJRunnerMom and @Sarah317 Us beautiful ladies got to stay together LOL We were given a raw deal. If anyone ever wants to chat hit me up. BTW - I've been to NJ. The state that never wants you to leave 🙂 Long story.
  8. Mine was the same - HSV2 positive on the PCR swabs but negative on the blood. That is how I am 100% certain when it happened and who infected me. It was hard to tell him (we were FWB and have been friends since like 1st grade). At first he was like it can't be me. I don't have any symptoms. I'm like well you are the only person I have been with for awhile and since I have no antibodies it is recent. He tested and has the antibodies. We believe he contracted it from his spiteful ex. She had numerous affairs during their marriage. Unfortunately he and are are still friends but not FWB as he deci
  9. I think it is different for everyone but I started having symptoms 5 days after being infected. I of course blew them off as something else but on day 14 went to OB/GYN for a visit and she saw lesions on my labia and anal region. I am 100% positive on the day and person based on my symptoms/test results and sexual history.
  10. I have HSV2 and my giver has never had an outbreak. My initial one was horrible and seemed to last forever - 4 weeks. Had trouble sleeping the itch and irritation was so bad but for me the worst was I had horrible constipation. I couldn't go without a laxative and then even with that and the awful stomach cramps I could only go a little bit. You never know how good it feels to be able to go on your own! Anyway I am about 3-4 weeks out from the end of my initial outbreak and things are almost back to normal physically. I do get bad itching on my butt cheeks but it goes away in a few hours. No s
  11. I am so sorry you are having so many physical symptoms. I am newly diagnosed, since Feb 6th - but have not had any more break-outs as serious as my first. That first one was rough, I still get what I think they refer to as pandrome symptoms. I get bad pain down my leg and my ass will itch so bad. The mental aspect is awful. I don;t relish the idea of ever having to disclose before physical intimacy. I don't ever want to think about that. I can totally relate to feeling like a prisoner in my own body. I feel like I will never be able to have a normal relationship again or elver let anyone get c
  12. I am new to all of this and can't seem to find the answer to this - I have HSV2. Can I pass it via kissing? I know you can with HSV1 if there is a cold sore but I'm thinking since mine affects the genital region I have no worries of passing via kissing, right? Sorry if this sounds stupud. I just don't want to pass this monster to anyone.
  13. Have you tried Lysine? It is an essential amino acid and seems to help HSV1 and HSV2 breakouts. I added it to my routine and it seems to have made a world of difference. I found out about it through research and on another board. I take 1,000 mg 2x a day.
  14. Vent away! It sucks ass! I am about 6 weeks into my positive test and am learning to deal with it. I will never accept it but am trying to live with it. My giver feels awful but I don't blame him. He honestly did not know. We are still friends. Although I don't know why because I get so angry sometimes. He too is asymptomatic and has never had a break out. He is now dating someone (we have a FWB thing going although I have been in love with him for a very long time) and she obviously doesn't have an issue with him having it. Good for them. I get angry because I did have a horrible initial brea
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