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He has a girlfriend

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We were dating for about 8 months.  I broke it off bc I felt he just wasn't into me. Shortly thereafter I found out he had a girlfriend. I stopped talking to him for years then forgave him.  We started having sex again.  Before we started having sex, I told him I have herpes.  He said that was ok bc we could have sex during the times I don't have outbreaks. I told him I think u could get it whether I have an outbreak or not. I forget his response but I don't think he agreed with that statement. So we have been having sex for a while even tho he has a girlfriend.  After we have sex, something always happens. He'll see he shaved and it itches down there or he used the wrong kind of soap and has a sharp pain on his penis. It freaks me out bc I always think these incidents are herpes related.  What if he gives it to his gf? I know u are wondering why I still have sex with him.  Well it's bc I don't have many options and I'm lonely.  I haven't been in a proper relationship since I was 19 and I'm 45. I feel hopeless about my love life so I take what I can get.  Anyway, wanted to know ur thoughts but save ur judgment. 

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From what it sounds like,  he probably has it too.  And in my opinion you did what you were supposed to do and disclosed to him.   If he's being unfaithful to his gf, that's really not your problem to be honest.   It's on him to get tested,  take the proper precautions,  and tell her,  not you.   

Good luck with whatever happens but I don't feel that this falls on you. 


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First, i need you to know that you are pure, worthy of love, and worthy of respect  You deserve way better. Don't settle for someone who is unfaithful because you are afraid of rejection. You are worthy of so much more. 

I understand how it feels to crave love. I didn't have a dad since he left when I was a baby, and later my stepdad was kicked out. I looked for a while for love in men I was dating... And I settled for less because I thought something was better than nothing. Let me tell you that settling is worse than being by yourself. Because when you are by yourself, you at least have YOU. And I am sure you are a wonderful human being. 

Respect starts with you. Others will it be respectful to you if you aren't respectful to yourself. Know your worth. Do not expect others to make you feel worthy. 

Please please know your worth. I know you've been in this cycle since you were 19, but you have the power to make the change. There are so many things we couldn't choose, that were out of our control -- such as herpes. But, who you choose to love and share your life with can be something you DO get to choose. 

Take back your power. Stay strong ❤️ We are here for you! 

Sending Love and Light ❤️🌼🌈🍀☀️!!!


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