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Herpes Prodrome Symptoms they don't talk about...

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Here's a list of the "Prodrome" symptoms that I have had... People always talk about the actual genital herpes outbreak but it goes far beyond that... here are some of the sensations a person can get before the actual outbreak , if you know more, reply to this and add to it...


- anxiety


- Insomnia

- loss of appetite

- dry mouth

- blister on tongue

- tingling on back of legs/feet

- excessive thinking / over worrying

- increase in pulse/heartrate

- weak, fatigue, tired, rundown

- sadness, feeling like wanting to cry for no reason

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Hi! @Gypsy86

I hope you are well 🌄.

That is a great question! Everyone is different. Everyone has different prodrome symptoms, and of course everyone has different moods. Moods fluctuate, sometimes simultaneously with an outbreak, too.

Post-outbreak it is totally normal to feel a sense of exhaustion or a big sigh of relief that it is finally over. The body has to go from being on overdrive to relaxing, which is quite the transition, especially mentally. 

To check and see what is typical for you in terms of emotional state changes, track your moods prior to an outbreak. While we obviously don't hope for another outbreak or more, gathering data for future outbreaks is a key way to see if you have emotional-related symptoms as part of your prodrome symptoms. 

I hope this helped answer your question!! 🙂



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gypsy86 - You'll be able to tell if you start doing a journal each day... You'll start to notice a trend when you get those prodrome symptoms kick in , ie - anxiety, elevated pulse, depression, sadness, keyed up feeling, fatigue, loss of appetite, no desire for sex, dry mouth, insomnia...  etc.. 


   When you start getting that way for a few days and that is followed up with either a lower back pain or the back of your legs get a sore tenderness, then you know the outbreak part is imminent (for me anyways.) This is how it usually has occured for me. 


   I don't take Valtrex or any HSV pills

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Yes this has been me form months. I took a blood test for hsv1 and hsv2  in January 2021. Found out I was positive for hsv1 . Told the doc they brushed it off as though it wasn’t a big deal because everyone has it, but failed to mention the difference in contracting it orally and generally regardless of strain.. Definitely having genital herpes is what makes it challenging and  not so common because to me of the prodome symptoms . Nobody talks about that part. It’s like some big secret . If everyone has it , why don’t I know anyone personally who has it and feel these same thing. I honestly have shared all of my symptoms to my bf these last 6 months . Not even knowing all of what I’m experiencing is related to hsv1 because no one not eveN docs talks about ALL the symptoms or know more  about it . It’s only people that’s experiencing it. I have taking antidepressants and now on pregabalin for constant nerve pain. I’m not sure why mine last so long but I had all of that a 

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Hello!! @Onlyhuman

I am so sorry for the struggles and pain you've been dealing with. Please know this isn't your fault, and you deserve so much better than doctors who just brush off your concerns regarding your health. 

Some doctors pay no attention to HSV because of how common it is, but this doesn't make the suffering any less for those who experience outbreaks and stress from having the virus. Sometimes doctors get detached from their patients; when someone reads statistics, they forget that those high percentage s and numbers are PEOPLE. Human beings with emotions, loves, and the ability to feel all types of pain. Regardless of the statistics, doctors should treat each patient with respect and comfort, as well as fresh eyes that aren't clouded with apathetic "everyone has it, who cares" lenses. 

Genital HSV-1 is typically less severe than HSV-2, however for some people it can really cause issues with neurological symptoms such as the ones you are experiencing. Do you find that your medication is helping? 

I hope that your boyfriend has been supportive and accepting of your HSV. If he needs any support or has questions, referring this website to him is totally okay to do! 

I am praying for you!! Stay strong!! 🌻🌼☀️💛





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