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Tested positive for HSV 2

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Hi there. I'm here to tell my story and get a little off my chest, even though my partner knows and has accepted my positive tests results.


About 3 months ago a sore formed on my left butt cheek. Not having insurance and being a full time student, I checked into the walk in clinic absolutely convinced I had genital herpes. They took one look and sent me off with a diagnosis of Herpes Zoster, which can easily be mistaken for HSV 1 or 2 when considering the placement was no where near my genitalia and closer to the sacrum. The sores look identical due to the fact they are very similar viruses.


Being completely content with the diagnosis, I went about my average sex life and I have been with the same man. Less than a month ago I went through a bout of what I assumed were cold sores due to stress related to losing my job and going back to school full time. With the application of Abreva, they went away, only lasting 5 to 6 days each. No problem. Then the tiny "scratch" or sore popped up on my genitals shortly after the disappearance of the cold sores. This is about the time I assumed my body was revolting and there was no way I had Shingles, cold sores, and now this last strange appearance. I rushed to Planned Parenthood (bless their souls, they've been there for emergencies for the last 10 years of my young adulthood) and tested positive 3 days after the initial swab. I tested positive for HSV-2. They said that is what is most likely causing the cold sores, but I have not yet had that tested.


Technically, I guess I have been through two outbreaks so far and a whirlwind of confusion trying to figure this out. I recommend getting a blood test/scraping immediately when something seems wrong. I had a gut feeling and I didn't go with it and all though it wouldn't have changed any thing all I can think about is how many people I could have put at risk. I also question if I transmitted it to my mouth myself and if I had known earlier, could I have prevented the transmission to my mouth?


I'm the type that believes we aren't given any more than we can handle but it is still hard. I'm more afraid of how often/severe future outbreaks will be. I am especially paranoid of every little scratch, itch and bump even though I am on antivirals. The only two people that know are my mother and my partner. Thank goodness I have two wonderful people I can be that open to, especially having a partner that didn't run the opposite way after finding out.


And of course, now you guys know. I, fortunately, can separate the stigma from the actual disease and having a partner that is accepting helps to ease the feelings of rejection and uncleanliness. There is no reason to feel so ugly, especially when I wake up the same person every day regardless of a pesky skin disease.


I hope someone can learn from my story. Question every diagnosis, get a second opinion or further testing!

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Hey scornedvillager... I don't know if you are male or female, but, outbreaks in the buttocks area are common too. My initial outbreak also appeared on the right side and at DOH-NYC, I was tested (scrape and swab). It came back positive. However, it took a blood test to learn I carry both HSV-1 and -2. I've had two inner mouth sores in my 40 years of life (very mild). My mother has HSV-1 so I probably inherited that strand. I got type -2 from an ex... Ugh, Exes, Vodka and New Year's Eve are not a good combo. When I confronted my Ex many moons later, he was oblivious, yet he did inform me that he'd been diagnosed with HIV. Can you believe that?? I, thankfully, remain HIV negative. Gay men in NYC carry things are unaware... I learned that 80% of gay men in NYC have an STI but are asymptomatic (usually HSV or HIV).


My point is, you are blessed to have your partner and mother beside you to help you get through the initial stages.


Be safe. Stay strong. C

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Thanks for your reply, Carlos. I am very blessed, even though I have probably made one or two poor choices involving my sex life as well. I am female. I havent had a blood test for HSV as it is pretty expensive and I have no insurance but I just recently took an HIV test which came out negative. From what I understand it is pretty hard to contract but it is always best to be on the safe side. My partner is amazing and he helps me take things one day at a time. My mother is also my best friend, making it easy to deal with things. She is open with me as well and told me she was diagnosed with HSV-1 genitally years ago when it wasnt so common to have that strain "down there." You'd think that is totally T.M.I. coming from Mom, but its good to know that I am not alone.


As of right now I feel as though my health is failing me, even though I may be exaggerating. I am shedding a bit of hair (either from the antivirals, the HSV itself or from stress, not sure) so as a woman this is all a bit depressing. I've been making a few lifestyle changes I should have made years ago that will bring up my immune system. Such as quitting smoking. I've ordered some l-lysine and I'm paying more attention to taking my daily vitamins, pH levels, getting in some cardio and keeping a calm mind.


If anyone has any tips on what suppresses your breakouts holistically, they would be greatly appreciated. I am most concerned with liver issues if I continue on suppressive therapy and I'm convinced my body can overcome this without an excess of harmful medication.

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Hey, girl ;)


Lysine plus astragalus (chinese anti-viral herb) and olive leaf extract (another anti-viral). i did valtrex during my second year... i also don't trust the meds (liver damaging) although my doctor who is an HSV specialist says it's safe to take daily (500mg tablets). Test it out. In my case, i'm single and abstaining, but should i meet a special man, i'll start a valtrex+herb regimen.


quit smoking like yesterday!


your regimen looks good ;)


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Hi SV...I had my first outbreak on my navel and tailbone...then it moved to my vjj. So it can crop up where you least expect it, I got it tested even though my doctor told me it wouldn't be Herpes and didn't think it needed testing...she was as shocked as me! And because of that I know the feeling of noticing every bump and itch, anywhere from my knees to my tummy button. It does get better and it is easier if you aren't in a relationship because there is no one else to consider.


I had an almost constant outbreak for about 5 months and felt awful. I already had a healthy diet but got really committed. I took every supplement and spent a fortune...now I eat about 80% raw food, make kefir and drink it every day (a Homemade yogurt drink that is way better than yohgurt). I take powdered barley grass every day and use pure organic coconut oil in diet and as an all over body moisturizer. That diet plan seems to be better for me than all the pills I was taking! I don't take suppressives... mainly because I don't have much trust in the pharmaceutical industry and I worry about my liver too.


If I get an OB again I have an amazing herbal ointment made in NZ...I have even used it before sex...smooth it on and its like this lovely silky barrier. It's made with Manuka, Melissa, tea tree and peppermint oils.


If you are making radical changes like quitting smoking and your lifestyle your body will react from getting rid of toxins (especially with quitting smoking). Don't worry about your hair too much, I think it will settle down...give your head a massage once a week with the coconut oil, wrap it in a warm towel for 15 minutes and wash it out with baking soda - 1 tablespoon in half a cup of warm water and massage through your hair...rinse with a cup of 50/50 cider vinegar and water.


I teach how to use natural remedies so if you need any more info just message me :-)

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