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General herpes questions

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I’ve had hsv-2 for 6 and half years being 21 when i was diagnosed and i’m now 27, being H + hasn’t always been easy to deal with because of the shame and hurt i still feel but it comes in waves and anxiety just takes over and so does me googling potential things that may not be factual but i have a few questions if it’s possible for anyone to answer?

1. can i herpetic whitlow when there are no cuts present on the fingers and when there are no sores present?

2. can prodome be affected with my menstrual cycle? 

3. does hsv-2 shed less as the years go on or does it vary person to person?


Any info/help would be amazing thank you!

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I hope you are well.

These are great questions! Thank you for asking them! Please know the anxiety and shame are feelings that we don't deserve to feel. We have no reason to feel ashamed. This common virus doesn't define us in any way! 

Also, try and avoid the Google rabbit hole of HSV searches, since most of it is not factual at all! If you do want to research, stick to reliable scientific sources (such as the resources on this website! ☺️)

To answer your questions: 

1. Herpetic whitlow can occur even without cuts on the fingers, but it's very very unlikely. You have antibodies that protect you from infecting yourself with HSV. Those with autoimmune illnesses are more at risk to pass it to themselves. If you are worried about passing it to your hands, just wash your hands after touching sores. It is unlikely for you to have herpetic whitlow and not know it, especially if you are symptomatic (you have physical outbreaks). 

2. Yes, hormone changes from PMS and menstruation can impact outbreaks. Everyone has different triggers, but many people experience outbreaks that are influenced by their hormonal changes and period.

Also, because HSV in the genital region lives in the bundle of nerves at the base of the spine, urine cramps and bloating and pain from menstruation could hypothetically cause some discomfort and pain and possibly trigger an outbreak. (I'm not a doctor and am not 110% sure about this so I am going to double check this and fact check it for you!!)

3. Studies and experiments have shown a correlation between time passed and likelihood of shedding, however this is a correlation, not causation. Basically, for some, yes, shedding and outbreak frequency decreases as time passes. For others, they may have frequent  outbreaks for a few years, and then it decreases, and others may not have a decrease in our reals for a long time (or hypothetically ever). It all depends on the individual. Something that may help you is keeping a log of outbreaks and length (kind of like how some people track their periods). This way, you can see if your outbreaks are influenced by certain triggers (periods, certain foods, activity, etc). And you can see the number of outbreaks you have and if the numbers are higher or lower in relation to your different trigger factors! 

I hope this helps!! ☺️

Remember: You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy of love, happiness, and respect (from yourself, and from others!!) ☀️


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Hello, Friend!!

I hope you are feeling better 🙂 

I wanted to reach out and let you know I double checked the fact about periods contributing to HSV outbreaks, and sadly, it is super super common, because of hormones. When you feel pain from your period, you feel stress (physical and emotional) which also can trigger outbreaks. I couldn't find anything regarding the impact of organs swelling contributing to the nerve pain, so don't quote me on that! Sorry for my incorrect info!

Also, Here is an article from Teen Vogue which really could help you feel less alone ❤️ https://www.teenvogue.com/story/why-you-get-herpes-during-period

Blessings! 🙂 

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just quick question so i put on some itch relief cream on a q-tip to relieve what i can only assume is either an outbreak or general itch it felt like a general itch and then a little bit of residue dropped off the q-tip and on to the side of my thumb 

it’s going to sound dumb but is it possible to get a whitlow like that as i washed my hands as soon as i seen it drop? i’ve currently got it covered up because my anxiety is kicking in i’ve been H+ for 7 years 

Any help would be great 

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Have no fear ❤️ All is well. Never feel bad about asking questions! There usually is someone who has the same question but is afraid to ask! 

The fact that it wasn't skin to skin contact (cream isn't skin!) and you washed your hands right away and the skin of the hand is thick and hard for the virus to penetrate and you have antibodies to protect you all means that you should be perfectly safe. Look at all those "ands"! Don't worry about it 🙂 

Blessings to you! ❤️ 


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Of course I can't say it's 100% impossible for transmission to occur, but you should be safe, don't worry. I worry all the time and I have to remind myself of all the facts and realities to help myself calm down🥰❤️

If you ever need more support, feel free to ask your questions here ☘️☀️

Blessings!! 🌻☀️

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Quick questions

1.when taking suppressive medication is the viral load decreased 

2. is the shedding rate decreased when taking suppressive medication

3. Are you contagious all the time

Any insight/help would be great 

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