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Herpes Ulcer / Lesion Healing Time

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So I apparently don’t get your classic blisters and bumps I get an ulcer/lesion. Am I the only one? This is only my second time having this happen in 3 years and it’s just as bad as the first time. Mine have happened after a bad sickness (thanks COVID). It’s been almost two weeks and I’m almost healed up and symptoms have faded (besides some itching). The lesion is almost gone and there is no scab. There was never a scab anyway because it’s a lesion inside the labia area not outside. Since I don’t have scabs to heal, when will I know it’s safe to resume sex? There is nothing coming out and it’s almost gone. It’s also the normal color of that area. 

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Yo Waters,

Once I may have gotten a lesion (although it may have been just a simple rash) and from my experience and research they can take as long as 4 weeks to heal. Be wary if you believe COVID has impacted your immune system. If you are immunocompromized, it can take even months to heal. I am happy to hear that these occurances are very rare for yourself! I would recommend trying medicine and talking to your doctors about herpes supression as it may prevent another one of these instances later on in your life! 

Long story short, treat the healing process like a normal sore. Once it is completely healed, it is safe to resume sex! Yay sex!

Enjoy the rest of your week and pray for more beautiful weather!


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I hope you are well!

I am so sorry that you had COVID, and I am so sorry that it caused you to experience outbreaks. When the body is under stress (like from being sick) it can cause outbreaks. Your question is a great one because it addresses the difference in sore appearance. Sores that are on exterior skin (outer labia, for example) do tend to have the ability to scab because they can become dry. However, inner labia skin/skin that has a moist mucous membrane doesn't really scab because the skin is moist and isn't dry. Plus, the skin is subject to urine passing over it, which not only adds to the moisture but also can make the healing processing take more time since the acidity of the urine causes irritation to sores. 

It is typically safe to resume sex after the following: 1) symptoms of burning, itching, and tingling etc. are gone (these typically indicate the virus is actively shedding); 2) the sore(s) have disappeared (there is no longer a raised bump with a dimple/center, no 'goo' is being released from the spot where the sore was, and 3) the skin feels healed. Since you mentioned this feels so similar to the severity of your primary outbreak (ouchies!! 🥺) it may take similar amount of time for your skin to feel better and be fully healed.

Another key factor in addition to the 3 above: 4) when YOU feel ready! If you feel any doubt or you aren't 100% ready to reengage in intimacy, then just pause and take it slow. Your emotional safety matters, and if you feel hesitant, it's alright to wait another day/days. And, when in doubt, have it checked out! If you aren't sure and need help differentiating healed skin from still-healing skin, head to a Planned Parenthood, and OBGYN, or other trusted doctor. For the first year of having HSV I would go to my colleges student health center to ask how to ID rashes or spots I saw in that region. One time it was an ingrown hair, another a cyst, another a heat rash, etc. But, it's alright! I wanted to be sure I was alright. 

If your sores have healed, and it's been about a week since your sore(s) fully healed and symptoms have ceased, and you still feel worried, you or your partner can use  an internal or external condom to help possibly reduce the risk of any potential transmission. 

I hope this helps! 

Feel better ☀️🍀!! 



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Hi Waters, I also get a single ulcer/lesion. I've only recently been diagnosed with HSV2 mainly due to the pandemic and my GP not swabbing me and testing over 2 years ago now.

My first 4 outbreaks (over the last 2 years) were all very similar, just a single ulcer not really any itching at all, just a strange sensation and slight tingling around my lower region and abdomen, previously once the ulcer opened up I'd feel much better within myself pretty much straight away and it's never actually been painful I've just had to wait 3-4 weeks for it to fully heal.

However, roll on 16th Jan 2022 and I had the worst outbreak yet, same general area as before but they came up as 2 small bumps, looked almost like a spider bite, they swelled quickly and within 2 days I was having really bad fever, very hi temps followed by cold sweats, this went on for about a week. I'm still waiting for this OB to heal I'd guess I'll be waiting another 2-3 weeks based on the healing progress so far.

I have noticed something that leads me to believe the covid vaccine has changed my outbreaks and how my body deals with them, I'll be writing a post on this and would welcome any input from others that may have noticed a change either since having covid or the vaccine. I'm not anti vax I had jab 1 & 2 willingly. 

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Hello @J1010!

I hope you are feeling okay and you have seen some improvement regarding your two sores since January 16th. 

I am so sorry you struggled with getting diagnosed? Have you officially been diagnosed? If so, have they prescribed you antivirals to take? That may help the outbreak heal quicker. You shouldn't have to suffer for another few weeks!

You could try an antiviral cream to help heal the sores, too! It's called Zovirax. It may be a good idea to head to your doctor to talk about treatment options and to make sure you're all good, especially because this outbreak sounds more severe than  🙂

Its less common for people to have a fever, chills, sweats, etc during non-primary outbreaks. Did you have these symptoms with any other outbreak? Also, have you noticed your outbreaks occur in a pattern (around hormonal changes, stress, etc)? 

Many folks have reported about the vaccine changing their HSV outbreaks. This does make sense since the introduction of something into the body which triggers an immune response can trigger HSV outbreaks (since the body is under stress). 

I am praying for you! Stay well and be kind to yourself ❤️


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