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Big rash outbreak

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I'm not sure this is an HSV outbreak.
I have HSV2 but (luckily) have never knowingly has an outbreak.
Recently I was in the ocean and the next day I noticed a rash around my swimming trunks area. I thought this was my first outbreak. I didn't have blisters.
But the rash has spread over nearly all of my body, especially the groin and under the arms. My buttocks are heavily affected including what looks like a blister/pimple but I cannot see very well, and also in the area between my groin and belly button.
My face in unaffected and weirdly, neither is my penis.
I'm pretty sure the indications are that it's sealice or something like that. It's lingering a long time and is uncomfortable.
Is it possible for HSV2 outbreak to spread so far?

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I am so sorry you have this rash! 

Since you are asymptomatic, it sounds like it is most likely sea live (which actually aren't lice, but jelly fish larvae). However, the larvae are usually tapped where clothing/a bathing suit is, and your rash is all over. Were you wearing a shirt also, or just trunks? 

Also, sea lice can stay in the same clothing, so avoid wearing your previous clothing again until it's washed (honestly try washing it twice!)

Do you have any other symptoms, such as headache, tiredness, chills, fever, itching, or anything else? 

You said you couldn't see the blister very well; has your eyesight been affected since the rash appeared or can you just not see the blister because it's in a hard spot to see? 

Sometimes sea lice stings turn into blisters. 

You could go to the doctor, and they could give you an antihistamine injection if they think it is best. You could also trying taking Benadryl to reduce your body's inflammatory response. Lice cream won't work because sea lice isn't actually lice! 

I hope this helps. 

Feel better!! 

Blessings 🍀☀️

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