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Just had sex since my herpes diagnosis and having symptoms

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I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with ghsv-1, I’ve been taking lysine daily and finished my antibiotics  after my first outbreak. 
last night things got hot and heavy and I had sex with my partner. He wore a condom but today I’m burning and tingling. I’m so scared that I may have passed this onto him. I’m new to all of this and learning as much as I can. I was told by the dr that I probably wouldn’t have another outbreak since my first one was so mild.. I’m so confused.

I inspected and there are no sores, yesterday I was itchy but I thought it was just from the sweat from working out.

i had my first outbreak a month ago. Diagnosis shortly after.

I just need to know what the chances are I could have passed this on, and when should I expect my partner to have symptoms so he can get tested as well. 😔

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By antibiotics do you mean antivirals? Also, how long ago did your outbreak end/when did all stores go away and symptoms ceased? 

It's great that your partner wore protection. 

The burning and tingling could be from so many things. The friction from intercourse can cause this, especially if you haven't had sex in a few weeks due to healing from your first outbreak. However, the tingling sounds like it could be an outbreak, triggered by the friction. The transmission rates of GHSV-1 are generally lower than GHSV-2, and the transmission from vagina to penis are lower than the transmission rates from penis to vagina (mucous membranes of vagina have a much greater surface area/are more exposed). 

According to HOpps's Pre-Disclosure Fact Sheet...

Anually, the HSV-2 % risk per year for female to male transmission rates are as follows: There is a 4% risk of HSV-2 transmission without protection, a 2% risk of HSV-2 transmission with the use of condoms OR daily suppressive medication, and a 1% risk of transmission with the use of condoms AND suppressive medication. These rates are for GHSV-2; you have GHSV-1. The transmission rates of GHSV-1 are generally lower than GHSV-2, as outbreaks are less likely to occur. So, if those are the rates for HSV-2, imagine the small likelihoods of transmitting GHSV-1 😊

Just remember, those are stats based on if you aren't experiencing and outbreak or showing prodrome symptoms. Were you experiencing any symptoms prior to having intimacy?

if your partner starts experiencing symptoms and has bumps or sores appear, he can get a swab test. If he is worried, he can eventually get a blood test, however if he already has HSV-1 orally in the form of cold sores/fever blisters (very common) then the blood test would most likely come back positive for HSV-1. A blood test can tell you the type of HSV, but it can't tell you where you have it (orally and/or gentially). 

Rest assured, this isn't your fault. You can express to your partner you experienced burning and tingling after intimacy, and that you are monitoring for the presentation of sores. You can offer facts and data to help comfort him (and you!) and explain the testing procedures and scenarios. 

I hope this helps! Stay strong and be kind to yourself ☀️🦋!


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Okay. It's wonderful that they've been gone for three weeks; it's great to play it safe!

Yes it could have been from sweat/needing to shower as you mentioned, especially if you haven't been able to shave that area (when hair regrows and/or gets too long it definitely can cause itchiness).

Has the itching and burning gone away/have gotten better? 

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