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Which herpes medication to use and best herpes test?

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I'm so glad I found this site as I had been going through my first outbreak (that I'm aware of), and all the depressing thoughts that go along with it. So, THANKS to all you supportive, inspiring people on here!!! I'm already doing way better after reading the blog and everyone's stories. There is hope.


So my first question has to do with suppression therapy. Since my boyfriend has yet to be tested, I figured I would go ahead and start the meds to help prevent transmission. The doctor proscribed 1GM Valacyclovir daily. Does this sound like the best way to go? The reason I'm asking is, 30 pills cost me $166. Is there a more cost effective drug that does the same thing? It may be a moot point if my BF tests positive.


Question 2: is the IgG the best test for my BF? The most accurate?


Thanks for any info and for all the inspiration. :)

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Hey PNC! ;)


First off, I'm so glad you're getting so much from being with us! Friggin' awesome! :)


To answer your questions:


1. Yes, Valtrex is the most expensive herpes medication. I use acyclovir. They pretty much give you the same results. Only difference I've heard of is that Valtrex you get to take only once while acyclovir (and others) you have to take a few times per day since Valtrex is time released. Here's an article with more details:



2. The Western Blot is most accurate, but least pervasive. The IgG test has been known to give false diagnoses but is the most ubiquitous. Go figure. ;) Here's an article with more details on that:


This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

Helpful resources:

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I also use acyclovir daily to help prevent shedding and outbreaks. I usually have about one breakout a year, but that has been prevented the last few years due to the daily use of medication. It is annoying having to take it so often, but I can get a bottle of about 100 for about 15 dollars (after the deductible has been made for the year).


In a relationship, if you want to do everything you can to prevent spreading, I know you probably hear this quite a bit, but, use a condom as well as the medication (if you choose to daily medicate). It isn't guaranteed, but it is at least another means of protection.


I also take Lysine daily. According to WebMD it has the possible effects of: "Reducing recurrences, severity, and healing time of cold sores (herpes simplex labialis). Lysine seems to be effective when taken by mouth and also when applied as a cream to the skin."


Partners I have had in the past have also opted to take this vitamin daily to improve their body's natural immunity.


"For years lysine has been used to bolster the body’s immune function, but recent studies have shown that lysine deficiency leads to immune deficiency. Simply put, if you are not getting enough lysine, you are far more likely to get sick more often."

- www.swansonvitamins.com


"One double-blind, placebo-controlled study followed 52 participants with a history of herpes flare-ups.11 While receiving 3 g of L-lysine every day for 6 months, the treatment group experienced an average of 2.4 fewer herpes flare-ups than the placebo group—a significant difference. The lysine group's flare-ups were also significantly less severe and healed faster.


Another double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study on 41 subjects also found improvements in the frequency of attacks.12 Interestingly, this study found that 1,250 mg of lysine daily worked, but 624 mg did not.


Other studies, including one that followed 65 individuals, found no benefit, but they used lower dosages of lysine.13,14"

- www.health.cvs.com


There are also other ways to naturally help your body fight the virus. Food to avoid, meditation (stress can cause your body's immunity to weaken).


Just remember, the stronger your body is, the stronger your mindset is, not only will you feel better mentally and physically, but it can help your body keep the virus at bay.


Hope that helps



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Also, it helps to pay attention to your body. Often there are signs that you are about to have an outbreak. Lymph nodes swelling. Small, concentrated spots down-under that tingle on and off. Flu like symptoms. I usually get really bad headaches and body aches.


By paying attention to your body, you can help prevent others from contracting it just by precaution.

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