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Having a normal sex life with HSV-1

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I’m in a new and happy relationship with a girl who accepted my condition. We are being very cautious when it comes to sexual activities, as we should, but I’m struggling to get as much enjoyment as I’d hoped and feel a bit of FOMO. 

Don’t get me wrong we are very sexually compatible and in a sense that makes it worse. Due to my HSV-1 we don’t do oral sex even with protection so foreplay doesn’t usually last very long so the excitement isn’t always built up enough. 

I get jealous she would’ve done more with partners in the past and that we can’t be like that, it then eats away at me and I hate myself for having this virus. It’s a vicious cycle and I’m just not sure what to do because I don’t want to make her feel bad either. 

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I'm sorry that you feel this way. Please know that comparisons are hurtful to ourselves and aren't based on any truths ... She is with YOU now! Whomever she was with previously is irrelevant. Intimacy with one another is special and meaningful because it's about the person, not about what exactly is being done. Be kind to yourself and remember to connect, not compare. ❤️



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Guest Fatladysangnocure

Sorry Flower, but I disagree. Women ( I am a man) want what they long for. Too much "sugar coating" on an STD won't help either. Foreplay, IS something very sensual, for both men and women. The Psychological Toll, knowing He/I could "infect" someone with this for LIFE is a harsh reality. Knowing, what Herpes does to our bodies, and risking the chance of spreading this to someone you care about/love WILL screw your love making( Sex is Mental/Physical ) Herpes, is not something we can "turn off", and with all the precautions, it can still be spread (shedding). I understand exactly what Newtothis22 is experiencing. 

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