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It's been over a year since my initial infection and the sweating hasn't stopped....

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In October 2022, I had sex with the mother of my daughter. Two weeks afterward, I had my first initial outbreak. During this timeframe, I experienced excessive sweating, extreme itchiness, tingling and crackling sensations on my tongue, burning butt, and horrible neuropathy. At first, I didn't have any visible sores, but over time, I developed bumps and small cold sores on my face, which took quite a bit of time to disappear. Every time, I ate something or went out in the sun (even with sunscreen), I started to experience the symptoms again. Before my sexual encounter, I did not have any of these symptoms and was healthy for the most part; with a weight of 165.  Now, I have been transformed into an anorexic version of myself who always looks like he's under the weather, which other people have noticed as well. I have tried to avoid foods high with arginine but it has been very difficult since most foods seem to contain some amount of arginine.  I have even tried all of the supplements (Lysine, Red Ginseng, BHT, Zinc, Elderberry, etc.) to help offset the arginine but they only help to a certain degree. Since then, the sweating has not stopped.

No matter what I eat, I end up sweating profusely and even more so at night, and this has been consistent for a whole year. Every time it happens, I find myself losing more weight. Others on the forum have stated that they don't believe it's HSV-related, and I know that many of the infected have declared they haven't had this problem, but the correlation between my food intake and the sweating are too coincidental to ignore, especially given my other experiences. I'm sweating as I write this now and it's 45 degrees outside currently. I constantly stink from the sweating and can't even wake up in the morning without my clothes being drenched.

The last time I was on here, I expressed that I wasn't sure how much longer I could hang on with this disease. Since then, I've tried to continue living...but this isn't life. I can't keep going like this. The mother has vehemently denied that she has herpes, although other people have confirmed that she's known she's had it for years and even disclosed it to someone who ended up telling a friend of mine who later on told me. She has left me to take care of her kids (my daughter and her sister by another man) while she has continued to have relationships with other people like there is nothing wrong with her. And of course, the kids continued to believe whatever she tells them. My life has become a toxic and unholy mess from which I cannot seem to catch a break. My mental state has been drastically altered by this disease; I can't work at the same level as I used to, can't work out, and can barely eat or go outside on sunny days without some form of suffering.

I apologize for the long post, but I woke up again drenched in sweat and I'm tired of going through this.

I just...I can't live like this...



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I think your situation doesn't sound like herpes symptoms, more likely you are having some other health issues, do you sleep well, walk, relax, workout and eat correctly? Have you been tested for HVS? 
I know you say it's not coincidence to start having those symptoms after being with your ex, but also, your anxiety and depression grew on those days when you started feeling too worried.

After I had my first outbreak I also felt like everything was herpes. But actually most of those things were more related to anxiety, stress and depression (I'm still dealing with them).

Consider going to a doctor and get a full check, also try to go to therapy, it also seems like you think too much about your illness, there are people with cancer, that live their lives to the fullest even when their live expentancy is really low.

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Hey @LosingHope,

Man, I hear you. It sounds like you're in a really tough spot, and I'm truly sorry you're going through this. Let's break this down a bit.

Firstly, your physical symptoms are concerning, especially the sweating and weight loss. @iwanthope is right, this might not all be about herpes. It's crucial to see a doctor for a full check-up. They can help figure out if there's something else going on health-wise. Herpes can mess with your head for sure, but it usually doesn't cause symptoms like excessive sweating or drastic weight changes.

About the herpes part, I get that it feels like a huge blow. It's normal to feel upset and isolated, but know that you're not alone. Many people live with HSV and still have fulfilling lives and relationships. So, so many people. When I first got herpes, I thought it would be the end of my romantic life. Now it literally has done nothing to block me from romance; if anything, it's propelled me deeper into vulnerability and knowing myself. And the way through it is about managing the condition and understanding it better so the worst-case scenarios and worries can be put in context. Therapy could really help you deal with the emotional side of things. Talking to a professional can give you tools to cope better and start rebuilding your self-esteem. I also offer one-on-one coaching if you would like to consider that. Details here: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/lp/herpes-coaching

For your mental health, connecting with others in similar situations can be a lifeline. Keep reaching out here or consider joining a support group. It can make a huge difference to talk to people who get what you're going through.

Lastly, about your ex and your kids — that's a complicated situation. It might be helpful to seek legal advice to understand your rights and responsibilities, especially regarding the kids. For the emotional part, again, counseling can provide some guidance.

Remember, this diagnosis doesn't define you. You're more than this. You've got strengths and qualities that are valuable and important. Keep fighting, and take one day at a time. You're stronger than you think.

Sending you strength and support. You can get through this. 🙏💪


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