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HSV1 (and HPV??)

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Hello! I am 54 yo male. Recently diagnosed with HSV1. I do not know if I ever hd a herpes outbreak. But … I got HPV when I was 23 a do get outbreaks that are always small - like a little bump. No crusting, oozing or pain. The dermatologist said it was HPV. Also - I have an area inside my lip that activates when I buy it and was told it is a canker sore. Looks like a canker and not HSV1z. No crusting or oozing. Now 30 years later I got an HSV test and it shows positive for HSV1. Wondering if the HPV is really HSV1 on genital region? But the looks of it I still think HPV. Maybe the mouth canker sore or the genital wart could be HSV1? Do I now have HPV and HSV1? Would the medicine for herpes outbreaks also help any HPV breakout if I do not know which genital STI I have? Maybe I never had any herpes outbreak but get the HPV outbreak?? Any insight? Hope my message was not too confusing. Thanks!! 

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First off, HSV-1 (which can affect either the oral or genital area, usually depending on the location of initial infection) and HPV are different viruses with their own distinct symptoms. The bumps you mentioned from when you were younger sound like they’re related to HPV, especially since your dermatologist identified them as such. HPV and HSV-1 won’t look the same and generally have different types of outbreaks.

Canker sores inside your mouth are usually not caused by HSV-1; they're non-contagious and quite different from cold sores, which are caused by herpes.

Now that you’ve tested positive for HSV-1, it doesn’t necessarily mean your genital symptoms are due to this virus, especially if they look more like HPV and behave differently from typical herpes outbreaks.

Medications for herpes won’t help with HPV outbreaks because they target different viruses. If you’re unsure about any symptoms, it’s a good idea to keep consulting with your healthcare provider. They can help clarify which symptoms are linked to which virus and advise on the best treatment options.

This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thanks for your quick reply Mr. Hope ( as I have seen you called. ) That’s what I think as well as you replied about the HPV and the canker sore being different than HSV. But since I seem to have never had an HSV outbreak, I was just wondering if there might be some misdiagnosing? But the HPV does not look like the HSV, so I now I have to deal with the dual diagnosis 😞

Also - I think it’s great you have this wonderful support webpage. It is helping many people.  


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I’m 49 YO, so I’m gen X as well and I know how this is gonna sound, but I almost start laughing when someone reveals to me that they have HPV. So do I and something like 85% of our generation! Obviously watch for lesions that fall outside of your norm, get yourself regular testing and medical care. I’m aware of the lesions, cancer risk, etc, so please don’t think I’m mocking you or anyone else…again, I have HPV myself and now HSV2 too. Just trying to relax your nerves a bit…chin up, my friend!

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HPV and HSV are two totally different viruses. The next time you have any externally-observable symptoms, you may want to go to urgent care just to see if you can get them tested for confirmation on what they are.

Furthermore, if you can, find out what your index number was on the Blood test for HSV. Was the test an IGM test, or IGG?

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